2021 Ashes odds

Typically, a bet on Test Cricket is a rather delicate affair. One must trawl through the stats, look at the conditions, eye the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Well. Usually. Unfortunately, after Australia destroyed England in the first match the odds on the Ashes are now very stark indeed. England might even lose all five games if they’re not careful. So, if you are going to take advantage of Australian gambling laws to bet on the Ashes, you’ll have to find another angle. ... read more

The age old grudge match will go ahead. Once again England and Australia will face off through five Tests for possession of The Ashes. Whilst the tour looked in doubt for a while, authorities came to an agreement and it’s all systems go. Not that online sportsbook sites in Australia like Bet365 give the tourists much chance. Indeed if you are going to bet on the Ashes it seems like there’s only one real choice. England might really be going, but they’re really going to lose. ... read more

You don’t need to bet on sports in the UK every week to know England’s Test Cricket side is suffering a slump at present. Captain Joe Root seems to all but carry the team single handedly at times. However, up against the Australians at home they seem to stand little chance with this form. Hence, Bet365 and the rest of the online bookies in the UK weight their odds on the Ashes significantly in the hosts favor. But are they all selling the England Test side a little short? ... read more