2022 World Cup

Sadly even the latest World Cup qualifiers couldn’t be held without scandals. It’s enough to think about the interruption of the Brazil-Argentina match or the atrocities in the Hungary vs England game. But we could already witness several other disruptions and incidents in previous seasons. Let’s see the biggest scandals in World Cup qualifiers.  ... read more

This time around, the teams at the Women’s EuroBasket will battle it out to secure a place at the 2022 World Cup. As it stands, France have the best 2021 EuroBasket Women betting odds to qualify for the upcoming World Cup.  ... read more

This week the whole world of football including players, managers and fans got upset due to news about a new club tournament, the European Super League. Seems like the initiation of the biggest clubs won’t go ahead for now, but it was a worrying sign for the UEFA. This isn’t the first time though that the sport faced tough situations. These are the biggest challenges in football’s history.  ... read more

After last night’s draw we get to know the 2022 World Cup European qualifying groups where teams will fight for the first two places. We can find clear favorites in most groups but there are some where the competition can get tighter. Like in Group E where Belgium, Wales and the Czech Republic can all fight for the first two spots. Let’s see the 2022 WCQ betting odds here and at the other exciting groups.  ... read more

Vietnam will host the United Arab Emirates on Thursday, 14th of November in a 2022 World Cup qualifying game. The teams are in Group G in the Asian qualifying groups, in second and third place behind group leader Thailand. Vietnam vs UAE betting preview favorize the hosts, but any result is possible. ... read more