Soon, Vietnam and Malaysia will meet for their first Group G match for the 2020 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifiers. Firstly, hosts Vietnam currently stand the best chance to walk away will all three points against Malaysia. However, Malaysia could also gain a point from the match as a draw works more in their favor. ... read more

Cambodia and Bahrain will face each other on 10th September, for the Asia World Cup qualification rounds. Cambodia will play host for the match. Bahrain has a history of performing better at home than Cambodia does. Our Cambodia vs Bahrain betting preview is leaning towards Bahrain for the win. ... read more

As of June 6th, 2019, Asian World Cup Qualifier matches have begun. These matches will determine which teams will be amongst the 32 competing for the World Cup 2022. With Qatar as the host for FIFA World Cup 2022, they are already amongst those teams. Qatar vs Afghanistan Betting Preview leaning towards Qatar for the win. ... read more

Taking all the fun out of laughing at the US for electing an orange white supremacist the people of Britain now face Brexit betting Boris Johnson, of all people, will be able to navigate the nation through some of its history’s most choppy waters. Despite the squalls ahead the bookies like Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK today, still give the Tories the shortest odds to get the most seats, but a general election is far from the only possibility on the horizon. ... read more

The French President Emmanuel Macron is taking the country by storm. He is best known for his ambitious vision. In a year’s time, Macron was able to establish a new political party and become the youngest president of France. So when time comes, what are the odds for Emmanuel Macron to be French president in 2022 once again? ... read more