The NBA is one of the most entertaining but also one of the most unpredictable competitions in the world. One minute, you’re the best team in the league, in the next, you’re heading to Cancun. Most of the early, and even late, season favorites for the title are out and things are getting interesting. When there are only four teams left, the big picture is starting to turn ever clearer. We are almost at the end of the tunnel and the light of the NBA Finals is at the end. Check out what we think are the best NBA betting tips right now. ... read more

Football fans are about to watch Liverpool play against Real Madrid in the Champions League final in Paris on 28 May. The bookies favour Liverpool for a reason, they are better on paper. They are also likely to learn from the mistakes of Real’s fallen opponents. So, in our 2022 Champions League final predictions, we see the Reds win by staying vigilant. ... read more

The scandals of Kanye West deserve a separate article. After all, over the years of his work and outrageous behavior, the rapper has accumulated a lot of public antics, which we will all remember for a very long time. Thus, all the craziest Kanye West moments ever are collected in this article. And be careful since the level of eccentricity here is going through the roof! ... read more

In the field of gambling, Latin America is a fairly untapped resource. However, there are good opportunities for the development of gambling in this territory, since more than one and a half billion people live in Latin American countries. Indeed, many businessmen who invest in gambling have already begun to explore Latin America. Over the past decades, the situation in the field of gambling has begun to change only for the better. In this article, we will explore the best casino destinations in South America.  ... read more

Ukraine sent 158 ​​athletes to Japan. This is the smallest number in the history of the country’s performances at the Olympics. However, more than three dozen Ukrainian athletes can count on medals. The Ukrainian record at the Olympics is still 27 awards from Beijing 2008. And only 11 medals were won in Rio de Janeiro 2016. So, Ukraine’s potential place in the medal standings may not be so bad. Ukrainian athletes are unlikely to get into the top ten, but the place from 11 to 20 in the overall standings is not that impossible. In this article, we are going to talk about the Ukrainian Olympic medal predictions. We have collected the main favorites of the Olympic Games in Tokyo in the Ukrainian national team – from 15-year-old diver Oleksii Sereda to weightlifter Iryna Dekha. So let’s jump right in!  ... read more

Spain is a country where gambling is a popular form of entertainment and making some extra money. However popular it is, the market itself is not regulated too well. That is why the Ministry of Consumer Affairs decided to introduce new gambling rules in Spain. But what does that mean for operators in the country? And what does that exactly bring for gamblers? Here are the details! ... read more