Poker is a game full of signs; you only have to learn how to read and hide them. Everyone has a Tell, which gives them away, so you better try your best to suppress those. You are not in danger playing online, but panicking is a universal feeling whether you sit at the poker table or behind a screen. When you are on the edge of losing money, especially if you have a family, it’s normal to be scared and make bad decisions. However, we will show you how to stop panicking at the poker table. ... read more

The Asian gambling culture is much different than the western cultures. It has many features and concepts America and Europe are rarely familiar with. They host one of the most beautiful casinos to ever exist. Furthermore, they have unique games and cultural phenomena that make the whole experience unique for a foreigner. These differences show in their law and mentality about gambling. ... read more

Huge NetEnt Slot Winners

The EUR 7,4 million that has been collected by three NetEnt slot winners proves that the popular studio’s games are just as rewarding ... read more

Andreas Meinard refreshed the BetVictor management team with new additions and internal promotions. The persistently growing sports betting company hopes to fortify its ... read more