Academy Awards

As we wrote earlier, the Australian Academy of Cienema and Television Arts (AACTA) have offered the chance to the audience now to vote for their favorite Australian programs, films and artists of the last decade. In the AACTA Global Star of the Decade odds we find some of the most famous Australian actors and actresses. Let’s see who has the most chance to win the award.  ... read more

The 2020/21 film awards season has officially begun. The first ceremonies like the Venice Film Festival have already announced their winners, Emmys is right around the corner, while the most prestigious shows are coming soon. If you want to join the party, check our film awards betting tips and learn how to pick movies to win properly. ... read more

Discover special David Beckham odds on him to win an Academy Award. It does not necessarily mean that the former footballer should take the statuette in one of the acting categories. Beckham can follow Kobe Bryant’s steps and produce an animated film about football – there are plenty of ways of getting an Oscar! ... read more

Fans can’t wait to see Christopher Nolan’s latest film, Tenet in the cinemas. The premiere of the film is scheduled so it’s not long until we can see if it is worth all the fuss. Of course, online bookmakers are also being ready for the release of the film and offering Tenet special betting odds for every film lover.  ... read more

In the nominees of the Best Actor and Actress categories at the BAFTA Television Awards we can find familiar and less known names, but all with great performances. Stars of Chernobyl and Killing Eve, Jared Harris and Jodie Comer are the favorites.  But let’s see the chances of the other nominees in the BAFTA Best Actor and Actress betting odds. ... read more

The 65th David de Donatello Awards has been postponed from April to the 8th of May, but the nominees have been announced in March.  They have the usual categories like Best Film, Best Actor/Actress or Best Director. The Awards concentrate on Italian films but will award the best international film as well. Let’s see the favorites in the David de Donatello Awards betting odds. ... read more

American actress Meryl Streep is a living legend with zero bad performances and three Oscars. She has been nominated for the Academy Awards more than anyone, but still doesn’t hold the record as the most-awarded actress. You can bet on Meryl Streep to win an Oscar in years to come and prove she is number 1. ... read more

The United Kingdom has always been rich in talented people. Many outstanding scientists, athletes, musicians, and actors were born in this beautiful country and made its name synonymous with the word “quality”. So why don’t you bet on Briton to win Nobel Prize, Oscar or any other award in 2020 or 2021? ... read more

While trying to distract you from coronavirus with Academy Awards 2021 bets on possible nominees, we decided to cover some special predictions too. Take a look at the list of awkward moments that can happen at the next Oscars ceremony as there is no chance for it to be suspended. ... read more

Unlike numerous sports events & concerts, the Oscars is still scheduled for next year without a shred of a doubt. As there is almost nothing left to bet on, we offer you to look through Academy Awards 2021 bets. Getting familiar with the list of potential nominees makes sense as many of them, like Christopher Nolan, will undoubtedly compete for the prize. ... read more