Everyone has an opinion on gambling. This is probably because everyone always is. Without prognostication as a natural ability we’re doomed to risk on a daily basis. Perhaps that’s why there are so many proverbs and sayings concerning it. Those who regularly bet on sports in the UK on Bet365 and the like will have heard many of them. They crop up frequently and may hide within them the germs of the secrets of gambling success we all seek. So, let’s take a look then. ... read more

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With former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, the UK mini-me version of Donald Trump, now the favorite to be the next Prime Minister the current one has to wonder if Theresa’s days aren’t numbered, but should she really fret or will Bojo fall foul of the Conservative party too? If you like gambling on British politics sites like Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK, this is a golden opportunity to back the moptop to win or lose just as soon as the stalking horse race gets underway. ... read more