Andy Burnham

You can always bet on the Labour Party to shoot itself in the foot. Typically the left foot. After the Hartlepool disaster, the knives were out for the party’s leader. So, Keir Starmer needed the Batley And Spen by-election win. However just because Keir is now safe, for the time being, doesn’t mean the left have gone away. Hence, you can still bet on the next Labour leader at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365. Labour’s left just doesn’t learn any lessons alas. ... read more

Labour have real issues. They face a hostile right-wing press, a post-Brexit political landscape and a government with no shame. Scandal after scandal just seem to wash off Boris Johnson and his Conservative cabal. Labour should be walking all over these corrupt inept bumblers, but they’re not. The by-election odds in from Batley And Spen prove that. Online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 give the Tories a shorter price now, which may explain Labour’s choices. ... read more