Sources close to Apple claim that the company is going to release its electric car in 2024. It is reported that the car will use a unique technology that will solve the problem of high prices for batteries, as well as increase the range without additional recharging. Meanwhile, you can already bet on Apple car release date. How can you do it? Find it out from our article. ... read more

At least two iPhone 12 model series will come out in the fall of 2020. The release date is yet to be confirmed, but iPhone 12 predictions opt for keeping it within the typical timeframe. 5G connectivity will be among the major updates and a navy blue finish is the most anticipated color. ... read more

With the population seemingly ready and willing to wager. The Super Bowl drew in some $7bn worth of wagers. There is already an understanding that the future of gambling in the US is bright, but what shape will it take? Online bookies like Bovada think they know and are already offering those who like to bet on sports in the US some great opportunities. However, there are already some new players on the block and it’s won’t be long before even more join them. ... read more

With their share price topping $207.05 Apple became the first company in the world to be valued at over a Trillion dollars it’s only a matter of time until the product of Steve Jobs owns everything in the world except Amazon, and if we can just stave off the inevitable war twixt the two to enjoy that dystopian future just what will your local casino look like when it is under control of our new Apple overlords? And could it compete with big bookies like Bet365? We peer into our crystal ball and see. ... read more

Following its announcement, the marketing machine was set to maximum capacity, engraving the iPhone X into everyone’s consciousness. The initial hype surrounding the ... read more