It crops up so often it’s surprising the PR people at Lotto Agent aren’t suing for defamation. The portrayal of winning the lottery should be wall-to-wall smiles and massive cheques. Popular culture, however, never shows the best lottery to play nor the happiest results. They leave that to the news. Instead, on TV and at the cinema, we are treated to an endless parade of lotteries leading to doom. This would be, of course, massively unfair, if it weren’t for our lottery history.  ... read more

At the time, the gambling industry went into meltdown at the very idea. Reducing the maximum stake on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in the UK would be, they claimed, the end of them. This has very much proven not to be the case. Government-regulators are now assessing the impact of the change on FOBT gambling in the UK. So, we take a look at what that will do for the industry’s credibility. Are online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 now at an advantage? Has venue-based gambling in the UK cried wolf once too often? ... read more