Armand Duplantis

After the postponements of several athletic events including some Diamond League races, some athletes might return to competing in Oslo. Organizers are planning to hold a special event in the capital of Norway in June, which will be an exhibition of mostly local stars. In the Impossible Games 2020 betting odds we checked all available options to bet on.  ... read more

Duplantis’s name might sound familiar to those who follow the track and field events. The athlete is currently training for the 2019 Doha World Championships in Athletics. It seems like he has good chances for the victory, even though, he is much younger than all the other competitors. In fact, he seems to be unstoppable and is continuously evolving, as it is visible on Duplantis’s Doha 2019 Odds. ... read more

The end game for Armand Duplantis is to break the world record in pole vault. Before that happens, the prodigy has to face an intimidating competition in Doha: the World Championships 2019. He has to beat Sam Kendricks, the defending champion and Olympic silver medalist. When compared with the seasoned pole vaulter, a bet on Armand Duplantis is not very optimistic. ... read more