Arsene Wenger

Longest Serving PL Managers

Being a Premier League manager is a tough job, which also means that even the best managers can get fired easily. A special trust is needed from club owners to have the same manager for several years. But great performances, title wins and European victories can secure the job like it happened with the longest serving PL managers.  ... read more

They are the best and most successful managers in football, but they can’t stand each other on and off the field. Normally it’s just verbal insults that they throw at each other, but in the worst cases, they can get physical. At the same time though most of these relationships are based on respect for the other, even though they are examples of the biggest manager rivalries in football. ... read more

Six-time Bundesliga champions are in deep crisis for the second time in two months. Their current manager Niko Kovac could be sacked at any moment. Should Kovac leave Allianz, bookmakers expect one of the six Bayern coach candidates listed here to sign in. ... read more

Since Real Madrid have suffered a 5-1 defeat in Barcelona, Florentino Perez reportedly wants to act fast and name someone as the new manager. While the odds are 1.14 on Antonio Conte, family members of the Italian claimed the Blancos haven’t talked to the Italian manager yet. Some argue that Arsene Wenger’s name is also in the hat. While the odds are 4.00 on the Frenchman to manage Real Madrid, there are some other interesting candidates for the job as well. ... read more