Ashley Giles

You can always bet on Test cricket to look a tad incestuous. However many people will raise their eyebrows at news the front runner to take over the England side is an Australian. Even more so when they learn it’s Justin Langer, a coach arriving with a fair amount of baggage. Still, after that disastrous Ashes England needed to do something. They tour the West Indies soon. Online sportsbook sites in the UK will give you great odds on England winning. But will they really? ... read more

You can always bet on the T20 World Cup to cast a long shadow. Teams view the contest with a certain hunger. Selectors do too. So, whilst the IPL has found a window in the busy schedule this autumn, it still faces some issues. Overseas players with national side obligations are unlikely to play in the UAE. Naturally, the organizers are talking down the issue this creates for some teams, but it’ll certainly shift the IPL odds on offer at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365. ... read more

The exigencies of the current circumstance rightfully brought play in the IPL to a halt. Anyone who likes to bet on sports in India regularly expected it sooner or later. However, if they wish to finish the tournament this year, the tournament is going to need to find both time and space to do so. Right now, with the tour schedule as it is, and the ongoing situation, that’s a big ask. Indeed Bet365 and the like know only too well the odds on the 2021 IPL continuing at all are quite long. ... read more