To receive a knighthood is one of the greatest honors in everyone’s lives and athletes are no exceptions. We can find some of the greatest British athletes like former Olympic and World Champions in the top athletes who are knighted. Along with the biggest stars of football on and off the pitch.  ... read more

This season’s Diamond League has been amended to only 9 meetings instead of the usual 15. Plus there won’t be any final at the end of the year. Still it’s good news that athletes can race again in real competitions like the next one in Sweden. In the Stockholm Diamond League betting predictions you can find world and Olympic champions beside local heroes in the favourites.  ... read more

After reviewing the best female distance runners of all time, we’d like to introduce today’s most promising athletes, who might end up being a legend of the sport. They are running in top form and achieving great results. Some of them are already world and Olympic champions, while others are on the way to become one.  Let’s see the best female distance runners in 2020.  ... read more

Just like in the men’s competition, there have been several great female runners in the last few decades. From traditional running powers like Ethiopia or Kenya, to more special ones, like Romania or Great Britain. The best female distance runners in history have all won titles, set up new records and helped the development of the sport.  ... read more

Athletics is one of the most famous sports, watched by millions of fans. Beside the sprint events, distance running races always attract a lot of attention, even though they might take almost half an hour. The best distance runners of all time were not only good runners but also mentally strong who could use the perfect strategy at all times.  ... read more

Famous athletes who doped are as common as flies. Doping appears to be so universal across all sports it’s a wonder that these drug companies don’t have their names written up in bright lights as main event sponsors. And though there are those lame people who blame everyone else apart from their beloved athlete, it’s really down to individual responsibility. Yes, there’s a massive pressure from the fans and from the whole media circus that surrounds so many world class events. And that pressure to maintain the lead, to win again and again, it a huge weight on anyone shoulders. ... read more

After the postponements of several athletic events including some Diamond League races, some athletes might return to competing in Oslo. Organizers are planning to hold a special event in the capital of Norway in June, which will be an exhibition of mostly local stars. In the Impossible Games 2020 betting odds we checked all available options to bet on.  ... read more

The long Easter weekend will give us a chance to watch lots of movies, so we thought we will give you some tips and make a list of the best sports movies of all time. Even if you’re not a sports fan, you can enjoy these films from dramas to comedies, all with sports and athletes in their focus. ... read more

The United Kingdom might have left the European Union this year, but you can still find many Britain related bets on the major betting sites. One of the most interesting one offers you the chance to bet on the achievements of British athletes. In the year of the Olympics, there are plenty of options for them to achieve great results, unless the new coronavirus will result in more cancellations.  ... read more

Records are being broken every day thanks to new techniques and wider support for the athletes who can reach better results with the help of them. But we can still find records which haven’t been broken even though they were set up a long time ago. Most of the longest-standing sports records are in athletics, but we can find examples in swimming, NBA, NHL or football as well. ... read more