Atlanta United

Until the return of the MLS regular season, the league has organized a special, one-off tournament where 25 out of the 26 MLS teams will participate. The games will be played behind closed doors in the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida between the 8th of July and the 11th of August. Let’s see the main favorites according to the MLS is Back Tournament betting preview.  ... read more

Bookies argue Los Angeles FC are the favorites to win MLS this year by far. However, our 2019 MLS winner predictions show Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not going to make this year easy for his opponents either. The 37-year-old superstar is playing like he’s 27, as he’s climbing the Western Conference table with Los Angeles Galaxy… ... read more

While there are amazing ways to show your dedication towards your club, we often hear chants that are rather cringy. Some fans like to sing about their players’ genitals or toilet habits. We’ve checked out a lot of these songs, and collected the top 4 weirdest soccer chants for you. ... read more

The 23rd season of Major League Soccer has had some exciting surprises (Toronto FC, we’re looking at you). Are there more upsets in store for us? We’ll review what the official MLS 2018 odds suggest. ... read more