Australian Of The Year is one of the most prestigious awards in the country. It honors the most outstanding achievements and contribution to Australia’s wellbeing by its residents. Check the 2021 Senior Australian Of The Year odds to know who is going to win among nominees aged 60 and over. ... read more

The 2020 Tony Awards betting predictions are out. The long-delayed show has been finally scheduled for December and the committee has announced the nominees. This year, there are fewer musicals competing for the prize than usually – one category even has just one nominee! – so the process of guessing the winners will be easier.  ... read more

Right after the Golden Globe ceremony, another award has announced its nominations. Traditionally, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts placed movies made in the UK in a separate category. So, here are the top 3 BAFTA bets on the Best British Film. ... read more

Another prestigious American award has announced its nominations. The winners will be announced on September 13. Bet on Saturn Awards 2019 in the Best Fantasy Film nomination and see which one of them will take the prize. The nominees look impressive with the Mary Poppins’ sequel, Toy Story 4 and Disney classics in one category. ... read more

On March 30th, the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Science will present the best film of the past year. From all the five pictures nominated, the Nika Award betting odds are favouring Anna’s War (Voina Anna), though Summer (Leto) might surprise in the ceremony. ... read more

The Jussi Awards 2019 will be held on March 22nd and will be honoring the best of the film industry in Finland during the past year. Five films will be competing for Best Film, but only one will leave triumphant from the ceremony. The Jussi Awards 2019 predictions are placing Void (Tyhjiö) with the best odds. ... read more