Barack Obama

Augusta beckons but for first time in a long time it will lack one of the greatest ever golfers; Tiger Woods. Players will doubtless express their concern and well wishes, as would we all, but it means one less attractive bet on the Masters. Oh sure, online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada weren’t giving Tiger great chances, but now he doesn’t have any. That’s a real shame. Maybe in time he’ll come back again, but for now we need to look for another player to back. ... read more

Not so long ago the idea the Bank of England might bet using a digital currency would be the way forward for banking would have been heresy. The banks have generally spent most of the last decade rubbishing cyber currencies betting they would be a flash-in-the-pan. However, as those who bet on sports in the UK using Bitcoin at Bet365 will tell you, that hasn’t happened. They can no longer afford to ignore blockchain-based banking, but can the BOE really embrace it? ... read more

US national election odds are always available at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada. It might not quite be the same as sports betting, but it has all the same drama and excitement. All elections have an element of showmanship. Remember Boris Yetsin dancing? This isn’t limited to just the US, however, the US does do it bigger and better than anyone else. A general election in the United States is perhaps the most costly, the most showy and most fascinating variety of democracy. ... read more

Getting the biggest Twitter fan base isn’t an easy task however it seems like a walk in the park for Katy Perry. She rightfully has the best 2019 Most Followed Twitter Account betting odds to win. Barack Obama and Justin Timberlake are also competing to have the most Twitter followers this year. You can now bet on these celebrities and more on 22BET Sportsbook. ... read more

US politicians having a Hollywood background is not unheard of. We have seen it happened before ranging from a governor to a senator. Taking a step further would be betting on the future US President to be a celebrity. In this case, the best presidential candidates are Matt Damon, Ivanka Trump and Beto O’Rourke. ... read more