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Champions League Matchday four is coming up with many exciting games to look for. The group of death H will have a decisive night. Real Madrid and Inter Milan will desperately look for a win in Group B. Whereas Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund will likely enjoy easy victories. Here is all that you need to know at our Champions League Matchday 4 preview before making your predictions. ... read more

Some football players enjoy gambling no less than doing sports. Some of them can even compete with professional poker players – like one of the brightest Barcelona stars. Read about Gerard Pique’s gambling experience which is more exciting than most pros can boast of. ... read more

After one of the biggest Barcelona defeats in the Champions League, updated Lionel Messi transfer odds appeared. The club’s forward is about to leave by some fans’ predictions; the others expect him to stay and rehabilitate. Let’s see all possible scenarios for the GOAT in the twilight of his career. ... read more

We expected a repeat of the week before. Mercedes dominated practice and qualifying at Silverstone for the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix. However, between the soft rubber, high temperature and Red Bull’s determination, the Silver Arrows lost out. Now the circus moves on to Barcelona for a rescheduled race in the full blaze of summer. Mercedes are in trouble. So should you hit up online betting sites in Spain like Bet365 to bet on Max Verstappen to be F1 world champion now?   ... read more

Barcelona are preparing to face Napoli at the Camp Nou on August 8. The 2020 Champions League betting predictions had Barcelona as one of the favorites to win the title. However, the Spanish side has been underperforming this season. Napoli is struggling this season as well. Therefore, both teams will try to step up their performance in the Champions League. Bet on Barcelona vs Napoli for the team to advance to the quarter-finals. ... read more

In the Spanish top basketball league called ACB liga the top 12 teams are playing in the playoff stage of the season. Barcelona are leading Group A while its big rival, Real Madrid are in 2nd place in Group B. No surprise the Spanish ACB liga winner odds favor these teams to finish on top at the end.  ... read more

Well, it was always going to be different. We knew that. But double headers at the Red Bull Ring and Silverstone have fans worried. No one wants to watch carbon copy races. Likewise, no one really knows what a Spanish Grand Prix in August is going to be like. So, those taking advantage of Austrian gambling laws might mistakenly think two races makes it easier. Normally, it would. However, just for those thinking of grabbing a few 2020 F1 wagers at Bet365, the FIA have other ideas. ... read more