Fans are very important parts of all kinds of sports but from time to time they are behind incidents which are truly shocking. From interrupting games and running to the pitch, fans are truly capable of anything in order to gain the attention of their favorite athletes. Of course cameramen and TV producers are also loving them, let’s see the most shocking fan moments in sports.  ... read more

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in South Korea. Its top league started the new season last Tuesday. 10 teams are competing in the KBO League, which got the attention of many baseball fans in the suspension of other major leagues. Bet on baseball in South Korea, we show you the favorites.  ... read more

Despite some people’s opinion, daily fantasy sports are not included in the gambling category. The players insist that it’s a sport of talent and strategy, not some sort of gambling. Whatever category it lays on, it’s a great way to unwind your stress while getting more involved with your favorite league. Here is the list of the best daily fantasy sports to play with real money.  ... read more

Top Baseball Records

When it comes to the top baseball records of all time, everyone and their kids knows that Barry Bonds broke the all time home run record that had stood the test of time for 33 years. Here’s a list of the greatest and the best in the field of the all American sport of baseball. ... read more

Without many live sports events at the moment it is a perfect occasion to learn a bit more about our favorite athletes and read their biographies. You can read about their highest and lowest points during the career and private lives from using drugs to their biggest rivalries. In the best sports biographies of all time we can find representatives from different kinds of sports from football to baseball.  ... read more

The long Easter weekend will give us a chance to watch lots of movies, so we thought we will give you some tips and make a list of the best sports movies of all time. Even if you’re not a sports fan, you can enjoy these films from dramas to comedies, all with sports and athletes in their focus. ... read more

It is a special talent to be able to motivate athletes, to support them when they need them but also tell them their mistakes and if they are wrong. The best coaches of all time all managed to create great teams that went on winning, but at the same time, they were also loved by their players and fans as well.  ... read more

Records are being broken every day thanks to new techniques and wider support for the athletes who can reach better results with the help of them. But we can still find records which haven’t been broken even though they were set up a long time ago. Most of the longest-standing sports records are in athletics, but we can find examples in swimming, NBA, NHL or football as well. ... read more

One of the most used betting strategies is over under betting. For a start it’s very easy to understand. Also, it can help predict goal scoring possibilities, in particular regard to football. ... read more

They are deciding the faith of top athletes and earning millions during their work, arranging contracts and transfers between the clubs. Probably you have only heard of some of them yet, but believe us, these top 5 sports agents are some of the most powerful men in the world of sport.  ... read more