The BBL or a Basketball Bundesliga League is the highest ranking professional basketball league in Germany. The regular season of 2019/2020 for Basketball Bundesliga has started on September 24th and will end on 12th of June. Here are the basketball Bundesliga betting predictions for the final matches of the 2019/2020 season. ... read more

Though the start of the 2020 season of Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) has been postponed, the draft took place as scheduled in April. Washington Mystics are the defending champions and they are the favorites again in the WNBA 2020 winner predictions. But with several changes and the delay, everything can turn upside down and we might see a surprise champion.  ... read more

The last days of spring are quite full of various sports competitions, including basketball games in various leagues. Follow the best basketball betting odds this week to enjoy earning from sports at the end of May. ... read more

Traditionally table tennis, badminton and basketball are the most famous sports in China, but football and winter sports are getting more popular as well. Of course, we can find Chinese athletes in almost every sport in the Olympics, usually getting medals wherever they compete. In the following list we tried to collect all the sports which are successful among the professional and amateur athletes as well.  ... read more

It is one of the most famous sports leagues in the world, with the best basketball players, fantastic atmosphere and legendary arenas. The NBA is loved by fans everywhere, even people who are not interested in basketball are aware of the teams and their stars. In the best NBA players of all time we find the most amazing players, who changed the history of the sport for ever.  ... read more

The life of a famous athlete or team can be a very good topic for a documentary as many people are curious about their lives on and off the field. The best sports documentaries show details we haven’t known before from highs to lows. They also tell the stories of extraordinary performances and the dark sides of sports.  ... read more

Despite some people’s opinion, daily fantasy sports are not included in the gambling category. The players insist that it’s a sport of talent and strategy, not some sort of gambling. Whatever category it lays on, it’s a great way to unwind your stress while getting more involved with your favorite league. Here is the list of the best daily fantasy sports to play with real money.  ... read more

You can still bet on basketball this week following games of the Chinese Taipei Super Basketball League. Matches in the first tier men’s basketball league in Taiwan are held a few times per week, so there is a chance to watch competitions at the end of April-beginning of May. ... read more

Watching a basketball league is your favorite way to pass time, and you don’t hesitate when somebody asks you to shoot a game or two on the weekends. After years of watching and playing, have you ever wondered what it would be like to get more involved in the league business? We all know that the top leagues in the world have become so much more than just the game. So here is your guide to draft your first basketball team in the fantasy league. ... read more

The salary of athletes has been a controversial topic at times. Many would argue that other professions deserve more considering the harsh nature of their jobs. On the contrary, who can possibly come to a fair conclusion which satisfies everyone? No one perhaps. We will discuss the top 10 highest-paid athletes in 2020 and break down their total annual earnings. ... read more