Based on the FIBA AmeriCup 2022 predictions, all eyes will be on reigning champions, the USA. So far, they lead the title race with the best 2022 FIBA AmeriCup betting odds. However, will the other FIBA America bets this season be able to stop them? ... read more

Without a doubt, the latest edition of Spain’s Liga ACB will be one of the best basketball competitions to watch this year. For that reason, we have put together a guide on the latest Liga ACB predictions and Liga ACB bets. So far, the 2023 Liga ACB betting odds foresee a win for Barcelona. ... read more

This time, the focus is on the 2023 Lega Basket Serie A. What’s more, we have the latest 2023 Lega Basket Serie A winner predictions to cover the top event. So far, reigning champions Olimpia Milano are this year’s best Italy LBA bets and have the Lega A betting odds to prove it. ... read more

The FIBA Asia Cup is back, and fans cannot contain their excitement. What’s more, we have the latest 2022 FIBA Asia Cup betting odds to cover the top event. So far, the FIBA Asia Cup winner predictions have labeled Australia as this year’s best Asia Cup bets. ... read more

At this time, the focus is on the 23rd EuroLeague. So far, the 2023 EuroLeague betting odds have singled out Anadolu as the best EuroLeague basketball picks. What’s more, they have the 2023 EuroLeague betting odds to complete a hat trick of league victories. ... read more

Season 2022 of the BIG3 is here, and we are here for it! This time around, the 2022 BIG3 betting odds and the BIG3 odds labeled the Triplets are the best BIG3 2022 bets. Meanwhile, the latest BIG3 odds have labeled reigning champions Trilogy one of the riskier BIG3 2022 bets. ... read more

The NBA is one of the most entertaining but also one of the most unpredictable competitions in the world. One minute, you’re the best team in the league, in the next, you’re heading to Cancun. Most of the early, and even late, season favorites for the title are out and things are getting interesting. When there are only four teams left, the big picture is starting to turn ever clearer. We are almost at the end of the tunnel and the light of the NBA Finals is at the end. Check out what we think are the best NBA betting tips right now. ... read more

The 2022 NBA playoffs continue to be one the most entertaining postseason in recent history. There are no clear finalists or super teams. The first round of the playoffs is behind us now and it gave everyone plenty of excitement and sadness. There are teams plagued by injuries, healthy but inexperienced teams, and teams that thrive in the playoffs. In this article, we’ll talk about the four second-round matchups and the eight remaining teams. You’ll also find the predictions for the 2022 NBA Conference Semifinals for each series under the corresponding subheadings. ... read more

Currently, four teams remain in the 2022 National Invitational Tournament. So, based on the 2022 NCAA Tournament predictions and NIT 2022 betting odds, fans are in for a ride. At this time, Texas A&M are ahead in the title race. What’s more, they have the best 2022 National Invitational Tournament odds to win. ... read more

This time around, the 2022 China CBA betting odds and Chinese CBA betting predictions foresee a win for Liaoning Flying Leopards. Without a doubt, this is the last thing that reigning champions Guangdong Southern Tigers would want to hear. ... read more