Ben Affleck

It crops up so often it’s surprising the PR people at Lotto Agent aren’t suing for defamation. The portrayal of winning the lottery should be wall-to-wall smiles and massive cheques. Popular culture, however, never shows the best lottery to play nor the happiest results. They leave that to the news. Instead, on TV and at the cinema, we are treated to an endless parade of lotteries leading to doom. This would be, of course, massively unfair, if it weren’t for our lottery history.  ... read more

Blackjack has been the subject of interest of many gamblers across the world. And celebrities are not an exception. This game has been attracting more people than any other casino game. The ever-increasing variety of gambling sites, such as Bovada, only fuels gambling interest. The feeling of ardor keeps you playing and, sometimes, triggers you to cheat. And the higher the stakes, the higher the excitement. But of course, if casino catches you, it bans from the playing. That is what people usually forget to consider as well as celebrities on our list did. They just did not know that blackjack cheating is left in the past. So, here are eight celebrities banned from playing blackjack.  ... read more

A large number of famous people love gambling. For them, it has become the best way to relax from the daily rush. Some of the stars manage to participate even in professional tournaments. Moreover, they often win while having managed to get around a huge number of experienced rivals. But who are those famous celebrity gamblers? Let’s take a look at the big-name American players! ... read more

Gambling has an allure like no other. It invites you in and before you know it you become addicted. Meanwhile, there are people who do gamble responsibly, there are many more who go off the rails. It is no secret that celebrities like to gamble a lot and sometimes have won a massive amount of money in a single sitting. From Hollywood to the sports world, we have several examples of celebrities suffering rather dire consequences when they let gambling addiction spin out of control. Here is a list of famous celebrities who quit gambling. ... read more

As if losing Ben Affleck as Batman is not bad enough, Warner Brothers will not have Henry Caville portraying Superman either. Looking on the bright side, this is not the end of our favorite DC superhero movie. A casting call for the next Superman after Henry Cavill will surely come. 3 actors are top betting contenders for the role including Michael B. Jordan, Matt Bomer and Colin O’Donoghue. ... read more