Ben Stokes

With the Indian Premier League still fresh in the minds of some of England’s limited-overs players, Eoin Morgan’s side tour South Africa. Typically, this would be a great time to bet on South Africa. Home field advantage counts for a lot in cricket. However perhaps not this year. Those taking advantage of South African gambling laws to check out the odds on England at Bet365 will find they quite accurately reflect the team’s chances. England are looking hard to beat. ... read more

Those who regularly bet on sports in India will already be familiar with the teams in the Indian Premier League. This is the thirteenth incarnation of this vibrant tournament, this year held in the UAE for obvious reasons. With barely weeks to go before the teams square off the odds on the 2020 IPL are a matter of close inspection. Sadly, for some teams, that examination will find the bookies believing their side a tad wanting. Still, at this level of cricket, any dog can have his day. ... read more

Those who took advantage of UK gambling laws to pick up the long odds being offered on the West Indies before the 1st Test will be laughing now. At 17/1 they were a gorgeous little wager that will have paid off handsomely. Now the question is; Can they do it again? Should you bet on the Windies to win the 2nd Test at Bet365? We take a look at the odds and just where England went wrong in Southampton to see if the tourists are a viable bet or a flash in the pan. ... read more

In the aftermath of their defeat in Southampton England face an uphill struggle to save the series. The West Indies are a far better side than Ben Stokes seemed to believe. Likewise, the bookies odds on the West Indies last time round were a bit parsimonious. This time the 2nd Test odds on England are more realistic. Even if their chances aren’t. Online sportsbook sites in the UK give the hosts 2/5 and the tourists 7/2 right now. Question is; Has this series already slipped out of grasp? ... read more

They’re heavily favored to win. Which only makes it more likely they’ll lose. England return to Test cricket with a series against the visiting West Indies. The three games will be played under extraordinary circumstances but will the cricket match them? Normally the first Test odds on England would suggest not. However, “normal” doesn’t really apply right now. This won’t be like any other series. So, taking advantage of UK gambling laws to back England could be an error.  ... read more

Summer just wouldn’t be summer without the sound of leather on willow. Fortunately cricket soon returns after its enforced sojourn. The headline fixture being the tour of England by the West Indies. The England West Indies 2020 Test series odds are, by and large, what you’d expect. Online betting sites in the UK, like Bet365, giving the hosts quite the edge. However, with so many England players having no winter play abroad, is that entirely fair on the visitors? ... read more

You have to be an optimist to be captain of the England Cricket team. Joe Root is no exception. Having won the fourth test and got a 3-1 series win he bubbled with praise, hopes, and dreams. However, the odds on England to win the Ashes demonstrate he is a slightly rose-tinted view of the future. Bookies like Bet365, one of the biggest online betting sites in the UK, give them barely 3/1. Apparently beating South Africa doesn’t mean you can take on the Aussies at home. ... read more

It wasn’t, if we’re entirely honest, the best of performances. It was patient enough, but seemed to be awaiting a piece of good fortune. In the second Test England got that luck. However, for the third, the online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 aren’t sure they’ll get it again. Their hosts are no push over. This means a bet on England in the 3rd Test in South Africa is not for the faint hearted. Miracles are their stock-in-trade now, but do they have any left on the shelves? ... read more

The odds on England in South Africa have been a rollercoaster ride. After their initial loss many of the online sportsbook sites in South Africa like Unibet, wrote them off. However, England have confounded expectations several times recently and did so again. Having leveled the series with another skin-of-the-teeth win, England leave the bookies all at sea. This has become a series too close to call. This means there’s plenty of opportunities for the canny South African gambler. ... read more