Best lottery to play

Camelot have run the UK National Lottery for a good quarter century. Starting from small beginnings it is now popular and commonplace. However, Camelot is no longer a British run business and their license comes up for review soon. That means that not even the best lotto jackpot reviews, which usually know everything, can guarantee it’ll retain its position. With Indian, Italian and Czech firms all in the bidding the DCMS is almost spoilt for choice. ... read more

There is a reason some stories pass from one generation to the next. You’ll find some tales told around fires in the dark dim days of ancient history still told today. Often they speak of eternal issues. Of power, of love, of loss and, of course, of money. Now whilst at present there are precious few lottery jackpot legends, recent events may have created one. That only leaves the glowing question; can ancient legends really point to the best lottery to play on Lotto Agent? ... read more

Most of us buy a lottery ticket in optimistic hope. We know the odds, but with such a low stake, where’s the problem? A little fun. No harm done. Much of the time the most any of us suffer is the loss of our stake. Something more than made up for by the frisson of hope when we purchase our ticket. However, counterintuitively hitting the winning lottery numbers doesn’t mean you avoid suffering. Indeed it would seem the best lottery to play is one you planned on winning. ... read more

We all have a theory. A strategy. Some tactics. Perhaps we try to hit the lucky lottery numbers using a system. Playing our hunches. Just using random picks. Few of us, however, would consider a séance. Asking the other side for guidance as to which numbers to play at Lotto Agent and the like seems a tad odd. Still, a woman in Basingstoke won one of the best lottery jackpots because of just such an influence. So then should we all ask ghosts of dead relatives for help? ... read more

You may think becoming a winning lottery ticket is a rather good fate. Trees tend to disagree. The trees would prefer you play the lottery online at the click of a mouse at sites like Lotto Agent. It involves far less paper. However, they are not so churlish as to ignore folklore and tradition simply because they’re unhappy. Perhaps that’s why two Japanese expats won after consulting with the Thai tree spirits. Not, of course, that it was the best lottery jackpot ever. ... read more

So, you pick the winning lottery numbers on any of the numerous progressive jackpot lotteries you can access at Lotto Agent. You’re a big winner. Great. But just what does that mean for you going forward? Will your stroke of luck make you happy or just lead you astray? Many lottery winners are obviously far more comfortable, but others much less so. Your lottery win, it appears, could very well end up a double-edged sword. So, shall we take a look at some recent reactions? ... read more

So, winning the lottery is, at the best of times, a little unexpected. No one believes themselves guaranteed to win. We all know the math behind the games we play. That’s why, quite often, winners of some of the most progressive jackpot lotteries are those who have played reluctantly. Or, perhaps, out of sheer whimsy. Maybe they passed by Lotto Agent and thought to give it a go, maybe they just ran out of gas. Tiny things that lead to big results seem to suggest chaos theory is real. ... read more

Your chances of winning progressive jackpot lotteries diminish with each successive payout. Lose today, win tomorrow is inherent in the nature of such delightful games of chance. However that doesn’t mean you can’t win multiple times at Lotto Agent and the like. Indeed lucky jackpot winner Orlene Peterson of Idaho, USA, proves quite the reverse. She hit a win two days in a row. So, is this just a mathematically inevitable stroke of luck, or is there more to it? We take a look. ... read more

Hitting upon the winning lottery numbers is rare. It’s typically a once in a lifetime occurrence. However, what feels far more common is people claiming to have won then failing to prove it. There is a veritable mass of people who claim to have lost their winning lottery ticket. Each of them just as miserable as the last. But as even the best lotto jackpot reviews will agree, they have no one to blame but themselves. Looking after your ticket is, after all, just part of the game. ... read more

Philosophers have spent centuries attempting to gain an understanding of existence. They delve into the depths of thought and consideration looking for the secrets to our lives. However, you need not pour over ancient texts to understand the sheer either/or nature of the universe. The examples litter our reality. Indeed sometimes even progressive jackpot lotteries can play a role in highlighting this dichotomy. Jackpot lottery numbers might not be binary but our world really is. ... read more