Bet on Democrats

Some bet on US politics calming down, seeing the error of its ways and becoming what it should. They saw Donald Trump fly away and figured that was the end of that. They were wrong. So, the odds on US politics at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada don’t do the situation justice. If anything, politics in the United States is getting more crazy. Celebrities are running everywhere, Republicans are trying to stop people voting and now Nevada thinks it represents America.   ... read more

Having won the presidency and control of both houses you’d think the Democrats would be sitting pretty. Unfortunately, in victory they find themselves with a painful choice on the horizon and it’s getting closer every day. Those in the US gambling laws of common sense would see them push forward with a radical agenda may despair. They are already naval gazing as to who’ll get their nomination in 2024. Few, if any of them, will bet on Joe Biden finishing his whole term. ... read more

Dividing Americans up into color-coordinated groups is a game everyone can play. Just ask the police. Even politics has taken up this baton ensuring people are either Red or Blue. Nice and simple. However recently, and quite uncharacteristically, US politics has developed a little cross-aisle nuance. 2020 US election odds at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada might not reflect it, but it’s there. Regardless of party loyalty, there are now just optimists, and pessimists. ... read more

Anyone in the US gambling laws of decorum might rein in this President would have despaired on debate night. You can always bet on Donald Trump to be bombastic, but this was downright rude. Interrupting both his opponent and the moderator, the President seemed incapable of rational discussion. It made a bet on Joe Biden winning the US election look an obvious choice. The odds on Donald Trump at Bovada and other online US bookmakers are now slipping away.   ... read more

Bovada, like many other online betting sites in the US, seem to be lagging behind current events. Either that or they know something we don’t. Many of them still give odds on the Donald Trump winning re-election of around Evens. This seems just a mite contra-indicated by circumstance. His rival, Joe Biden, is well ahead in most polls. So why doesn’t a bet on Donald Trump get you a longer price? Did 2016 really sting them so badly they just can’t take the risk? ... read more

Whether you bet on Joe Biden winning the 2020 Election in the United States or bet on Trump to retain power, a bet on politics in the US is far more interesting than it used to be. The drab grey days of as little controversy as a possible left town. Politics is now a no-holds-barred contest of ideologies and personal character. But just who’ll win? Online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada are giving both candidates the same odds on winning the Presidential election. So, apparently they don’t know.  ... read more

Despite all the pressures upon him the US president is sticking to his guns. Unwilling to back down in face of violent protestors, he continues on course to retain the White House. Even one of his biggest detractors, Michael Moore, believes he’ll win again. So perhaps, before dismissing a bet on Donald Trump to win in 2020 out of hand, we should look at the chances. Online betting sites in the US are still giving him around 10/11 to win, the same as the odds on Joe Biden. ... read more

On the face of it the odds on the 2020 US Presidential election are as one might expect. Joe Biden is pulling into the lead, Donald Trump having issues keeping up. Given all that’s going on, that’s not overly surprising. Nor is the reaction of both parties. Those who like to bet on US politics at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada need to keep up with a myriad of battles. Each could tip the scales. Whether you bet on Democrats or back the Republicans this is one wild election. ... read more

Riding on the back of his eminent populism a year ago you’d have bet on Donald Trump to walk into a second term. Now it’s no longer as certain. The ongoing situation and a strong Democratic challenge inflicts an uphill struggle on the President. Online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada are already giving Joe Biden better prices. Then, just when you thought you’d not be able to bet on US politics getting any more bizarre, celebrity lunatic Kanye West insists he’s running too.   ... read more

You can always bet on US politics to be interesting. It’s an extravaganza compared to the dry, staid nature of European politics. This time round the Presidential election occurs during a veritable cavalcade of crises. Typically, this would mean the odds on the Republicans in 2020, as the incumbents, should be in free-fall. A quick glance at online betting sites in the US like Bovada, however, shows this isn’t happening. So will Donald Trump get re-elected in November? ... read more