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Red Star Cup betting tips will not go amiss while wagering money on Dota 2. One of the most popular tournaments – RSC – is in its full flow. Therefore, check the odds on the favorites after learning some tips and tricks. ... read more

It won’t be that far from the truth to say that Starcraft 2 was one of the main reasons why esports has become as big as it is now. Ever since the first version of the game was released, the tournaments were carried on in front of thousands of fans. The update on the game has proven successful and made the already big game even bigger. However, the game tends to get overshadowed by other big, simpler games like League of Legends and CSGO. So here are the reasons why you should start looking into betting on Starcraft 2.  ... read more

It’s easy to fall in love with Counter-Strike Global Offensive. It’s fast-paced, yet very tactical gameplay challenges both the mind and the reflexes. While you are learning to play CSGO, it’s inevitable to watch professionals on duty. While online sportsbooks in Qatar are offering streams, you can also bet live on the matches you are watching. Here is an article with the best offers of online gambling sites in Qatar, and also some tips on what you should bet on in the CSGO scene. ... read more

Undoubtedly, betting on eSports in Germany is equal to real sports betting. For several years in a row, German gamers have defended the right to be called sportsmen. Why do they need it? How is eSports developing in Germany? In general, eSports in Germany have a difficult fate: on the one hand, this quite well develop, on the other hand, they refuse to recognize it as a sport. ... read more

Is eSports Betting Legal?

To answer the title question quickly: yes, it is legal to bet on eSports. However, there are much more questions regarding US gambling ... read more