bet on Euro 2020

The knockout phase of the 2020 European Championship has arrived. Check out the latest Sweden vs Ukraine betting odds to know which team is predicted to reach the quarterfinal and continue its journey for the trophy. ... read more

The main football event of the year is coming! Do you know where to watch UEFA Euro 2020? If not, we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to check all the channels and websites where you can follow matches and the grand final. ... read more

There is, inside every gambler, a romantic. So there’s always something a little special, and attractive, about a long shot. When qualifying for the tournament was beyond your expectations, winning it is a pipe dream. Still, that doesn’t mean a punt on one of the underdogs can’t be a lot of fun. It’s football. Anything could happen with these sides. They have big dreams and at their odds on Euro 2020 one need not stake much at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365. ... read more

As soon as UEFA announced the new date for hosting the European championship, new odds on it appeared. Besides common predictions about the winning country, we have several candidates to become the best player of the tournament. Euro 2020 top goalscorer odds show the top-3 favorites to take the crown. ... read more

There are only 12 football clubs that won three major trophies in Europe in one year. They are called UEFA treble winners for taking 3 both domestic and European leagues. One of the FCs even managed to win a pair of trebles less than in a decade. So, what top clubs are on the list? ... read more

Since fans have learned that the European championship will be held next year, they started betting on the winner again. Most of the predictions show England and Belgium as favorites having equal chances to take the cup. We recommend you to bet on England to win Euro 2021 and there are many reasons why. ... read more

All major football events in Europe are postponed for an indefinite period, but there is one competition with a bright future ahead. Special bets on UEFA competitions shed some light on the fate of the 2020 European championship, which was officially scheduled for the next year. ... read more

We are all waiting for the moment of honoring the 2020 European championship winner. As the start of the final tournament is still at a distant date, let’s refresh in mind the greatest UEFA Euro winners since the moment of its establishment. Do you know what country won the trophy most of all? ... read more