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The 2022 Hong Kong Film Awards winner odds have been finalized. Take a look at the five nominees in the Best Picture category as well as their chances of winning. This year, Limbo, Zero to Hero, Drifting, Anita, and Raging Fire are present in one of the most prestigious nominations of the HFKA that is scheduled for July. ... read more

The situation with the cinemas is getting back to normal day by day, so it’s time to make the highest grossing movie predictions for 2022. A significant number of potential box office hits are released this year. Which one will take its place at the top? ... read more

If you have watched TV back in the 1990s, you should have heard about The X-Files – one of the most iconic series of that time. This year, you can bet on The X-Files reboot to take place. Why is there a possibility of a new version of the legendary television series to hit small screens? ... read more

This year, the situation with the movie premieres seems to be much better. Godzilla v Kong has just hit big screens, while more films are expected to be released soon. However, predictions about the highest grossing film in 2021 have already appeared. Which movie has the best chances to top the box office in the US and in the world?  ... read more

It’s time to bet on Goya Awards 2021! This is the major film award in Spain that honors the best movies and moviemakers of the country. The first predictions about the winner are out, so let’s check them right away. ... read more

With the beginning of the film award season, main favorites become apparent. David Fincher’s Mank is among movies with the best winning chances at the Academy Awards. While waiting for Oscar nominations, you can bet on Mank to win Golden Globes 2021.  ... read more