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American actress Meryl Streep is a living legend with zero bad performances and three Oscars. She has been nominated for the Academy Awards more than anyone, but still doesn’t hold the record as the most-awarded actress. You can bet on Meryl Streep to win an Oscar in years to come and prove she is number 1. ... read more

This spring, three empowering films with strong female leads are out in cinemas, if only coronavirus won’t stop them. These pictures must improve feminism in novelty bets and hit the US box office, but which will come first? What film will have the biggest opening weekend in North America? ... read more

Year by year, the American film industry gives the world thousands of young talented actors and actresses. However, not all of them can stand the test of time and become people’s idols. We offer you to bet on rising Hollywood stars, whose future seems to be the brightest in the next few years. ... read more

The oldest Danish film awards ceremony will take place tomorrow, so hurry up to bet on its nominees. This year, winners are quite predictable, especially when the major awards results (including the Oscars) are out. So, here are the most reliable Bodil Awards 2020 predictions. ... read more

A new TV series about Jack Reacher is coming soon, but Tom Cruise won’t get back to this role. Bookmakers have already started looking for actors to replace him and, honestly, the next Jack Reacher predictions showed that they’ve found good candidates to fit the role. ... read more

The movie theaters have been dominating over television for more than a century. However, the last decade brought viewers back to small screens. This tendency seems to keep on developing in the 2020s, so let’s discover why the TV series vs films competition is on again and how television manages to trump its “bigger brother”. ... read more

Have you already missed Scarlett Johansson’s iconic character since the tragic events of Endgame have taken place? If yes, Black Widow betting odds on new challenges for Natasha Romanoff is what you need right now to feel better. ... read more

Right after the Golden Globe ceremony, another award has announced its nominations. Traditionally, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts placed movies made in the UK in a separate category. So, here are the top 3 BAFTA bets on the Best British Film. ... read more

With the beginning of the 2019/20 award season, here come the first favorites. Bet on Parasite to win Oscars, AACTA or Golden Globe as it leads the best odds wherever it is nominated. If you are looking for a safe bet, this film is exactly what you need. ... read more