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Christmas is just around the corner now. That’s right, they haven’t cancelled it. So, it’s time to indulge in all those little customs of the season. By definition, of course, most British Christmas traditions are arcane. However, amid those which have lost their origins in the mists of time, there are some more modern creations. That’s why the odds on the BBC Sports Personality of the Year are a feature of online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 every year. It’s a big deal. ... read more

What is a coupon? How to use odds on coupons? If you are a frequent guest at online sportsbooks, you should have seen these terms on the list of betting offers. Read our guide to learn about coupons aka special features that can help you win more money on sports betting. ... read more

Soap Soccer League 2020 is one of the funniest sports competitions to follow this year. Created exclusively for betting purposes, its “matches” take place in a pool with beautiful girls as contestants. If you have never heard about soap football, it’s time to get familiar with it! ... read more