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Boris Johnson’s ability to waltz free from what appear the most terminal of political situations is astonishing. He is now a veritable parliamentary Houdini, albeit it one who required a little help this time round. Where one would expect the smoking remains of his career, he continues to lead both his party and nation. Given the odds on British politics online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 were handing out, that’s amazing. So are they wrong or is he just that good? ... read more

As leader of the opposition in the UK, you’d think Keir Starmer would find the current situation amusing. Why wouldn’t he laugh at the dire malaise into which the Conservatives dove headfirst? However, those who regularly bet on politics in the UK know this week wasn’t much of a laugh for the Labour leader. Which means you can probably bet on Keir Starmer dropping any pretense at playing Mr Nice Politician. The caretaker has taken over the company, and he’s not happy. ... read more

For those who like to bet on politics in the UK it is an infinitely fascinating book. Will the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, see out the year or will the party, people or opposition oust him? No one is entirely sure, and each option seems equally as likely. That’s why, as partygate peters out, online bookies in the UK like Bet365 are reexamining the odds on Boris Johnson. He think’s he’ll survive, and they have to hedge their bets. But can he really muddle through this mire? ... read more

You can currently bet on Boris Johnson to either leave in ignominy or cling on to power for a few more weeks. The choice, as they say, is yours. However, whilst we’re all following along with the ever more insane incidences Bojo throws up, and await his dramatic downfall, other things are falling through the cracks. Just take the government’s long touted gambling law review, which would affect online betting sites in the UK like Bet365. They’ve just delayed that. Again. ... read more

Once upon a time you could bet on politics in the UK to remain a touch staid and dull. However, over the last few years it seems to have livened up considerably. Now parliament is all but a Punch & Judy show with talking points. We have seen the dull grey suits go with lawyers and clowns replacing them. So whilst it seems obvious you should bet on Boris Johnson losing his job soon, you may want to opt the other way. This isn’t the politics of even a few years ago. ... read more

The Gray Report should have ended the Partygate Scandal. Boris Johnson should have read it, done the decent thing, and resigned. Most people who like to bet on politics in the UK would have put money on him going. Instead of which Boris Johnson is still running the country, ruling his party and lying in parliament. He clings to his job sacrificing all to do so. That’s why online bookies in the UK like Bet365 have shortened the odds on Keir Starmer and Labour winning. ... read more

We should now at least entertain the possibility that the Conservative Party in the UK will soon require a new leader. Even if Boris survives this scandal, another will befall him soon enough. They will eventually have to ditch him in favor of someone without all his political baggage. So let’s have a look at the odds on the next Conservative Party leader at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365. They may prove our only real way to peek inside the machinations ahead. ... read more

Right now online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 are offering 11/8 odds on the Labour Party winning the most seats at the next election. Until just recently, taking up that bet on the Labour Party would have been somewhat insane. They were a mess. But now the shoe is on the other foot and it’s the Conservatives in a stew. Their leader is under police investigation, they could be islamaphobic and corruption still hangs in the air. So Labour could well be laughing. ... read more

Two years ago, when he won the leadership with a dull 56%, most people bet on Keir Starmer not lasting long. Now he’s coming into his own as he leads the political prosecution of Boris Johnson’s government. So where once you’d not have even considered a bet on the Labour Party winning the next election, right now you have to. Online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 will give you relatively long odds on the Labour Party, which just makes them more tempting. ... read more