bet on politics in the UK

Everyone is rather enjoying watching Boris Johnson squirm. Well, everyone except the BBC perhaps. He has run out of plausibility in the same way Wiley Coyote runs out of ground. Just like the cartoon carnivore, Boris too will now plummet. So, you have to bet on the Conservative Party going into overdrive trying to find a replacement. A quick look at the odds on online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 and you know lots of people want the job. Just not now. ... read more

Not since the Profumo affair have British voters gained such an insight into how the other half lives. They have glimpsed the arrogance of the wealthy classes and their acolytes. That’s why online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 offer short odds on Boris Johnson departing. No political party can weather a continual stream of scandal, corruption and incompetence. The voters might not get a chance to oust him from office, but the 1922 Committee won’t ask them. ... read more

The New Year looks bright for Labour and you can bet on Keir Starmer making hay whilst the sun shines. Well. If he ever gets to leave his house again. Still, despite that small set back he does have a lot in his favour right now. Anyone who likes to bet on politics in the UK can smell the end of Boris Johnson approaching. It’s just a matter of time. That’s why Bet365 and other online bookies in the UK are offering such interesting odds on UK politics right now. It’s game time. ... read more

Usually you can bet on UK politics to move quite slowly. However, Boris picks up scandals like he’s magnetic in a pin factory. This time the video seals it. Very hard to defend the blatant. Not that Boris Johnson won’t try. He always does. However, you can bet on the Labour Party to hound him on his apparent illegality for quite a while yet. Not only because they recognize it as a flagrant one-rule-for-us-another-rule-for-them situation, but also because they’re led by a lawyer. ... read more

Online bookies in the UK are now offering just 8/11 odds on Boris Johnson losing his job next year. This isn’t a massive surprise. His government has stumbled from corruption and disastrous incompetence to an outrageous level of conceited hubris. The public are losing faith. Just ask voters in North Shropshire. That means the Tories will start looking for a new leader, and if you like to bet on politics in the UK at sites like Bet365 now’s the time to choose your favorite. ... read more

Those who like to bet on politics in the UK can enjoy a rare treat this month. They can bet on the Liberal Democrats to win something without even a hint of irony. Yes, the Liberal Democrats are back. They’re currently your best bet on the North Shropshire by-election. Online bookies in the UK like Bet365 give them better odds than even the Conservatives, who typically win this seat. So is this the moment the Tories realize just how much damage Boris has done to them? ... read more

Just when you thought you couldn’t bet on Boris Johnson to get any less sensible, he launches a drugs crackdown. Typically, the voters like this sort of thing in the UK. The hand of firm government, and all that rot. However, attacking middle class drug users when parliament’s toilets test positive for cocaine is plain daft. Still, you can always bet on the Conservative Party to think no one will mind their hypocrisy, and bet on politics in the UK to then prove them wrong. ... read more

If you ask where you can find Old Bexley & Sidcup odds are people won’t know. Not unless they live there. It hovers on the southeast outskirts of London and is, electorally, a safe Conservative seat. That’s why online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 are giving the Tories just 1/20 to hold it in the up-coming by-election. However, as the government flits from scandal to scandal just how much of their majority will they lose? And how much is too much to keep Boris about? ... read more

No one likes watching someone go mad. Mental illness still carries a considerable stigma in our society. So seeing the Prime Minister go off his rocker is awfully embarrassing, especially for the Conservative Party. They, alas, will have no one but themselves to blame. We all saw this coming. They knew what they were getting into. Now they want out. That’s why a bet on Boris Johnson leaving in 2022 gets such short prices at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365. ... read more

They started out just trying to defend a single sleazy colleague from due punishment. That effort has now backfired so badly the odds on Boris Johnson remaining leader long on Bet365 etc. are slipping. As the press continue to focus on the party and its money matters some Conservatives are questioning his long term value. After all you can always bet on politics in the UK to forgive failure. It does that quite often. But feathering your own nest? No, people tend to frown on that. ... read more