bet on politics in the UK

They say history repeats itself and you can bet on Boris Johnson believing that. Decades ago, sleaze allegations helped New Labour sweep into power, now they’re back. You can bet on politics in the UK to forgive rather a lot, but out-and-out corruption? No. Following the silly attempt to pervert parliament in defense of Owen Paterson, the entire tory party is under the microscope. But will even this flagrant greed help the odds on Keir Starmer at Bet365 et al? ... read more

For a while, it looked like you could bet on British politics to lean towards the Conservatives forever. With a sizeable majority, a leader popular among the grassroots and a Labour Party all at sea, what was to prevent it? Well apparently the Conservatives themselves. They’re reverting to type just in time to give those who like to bet on politics in the UK a reason to back Labour. Bet365 might still the tories an edge, but how long will that last as the scandals keep on coming? ... read more

You can bet on Rishi Sunak to bask in the glory of media attention as he runs through his budget this week. He wants to be the next leader of the Conservative Party in the UK. So the more he gets into the public eye the better. However Michael Gove also wants the job, and he’s far more experienced. So if you’re going to take advantage of UK gambling laws at Bet365 or similar beware. The odds on the next Conservative leader might not reflect the reality of Tory thinking. ... read more

The Conservative government in the UK under Boris Johnson lurches from one ghastly mess to another. Hapless and incompetent they paper over the cracks they’ve created with their Brexit debacle with little success. So you’d think that the odds on the Labour Party taking the reigns of power at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 would be better. They should be better. However alas the only thing more inept than the government is the people sitting opposite them. ... read more

Those who regularly bet on politics in the UK can’t explain it. The pundits can’t explain it. No one can explain it. The odds on Boris Johnson and the Conservatives remain healthy despite a string of scandals. Apparently, the British populous are willing to see it through to the bitter end and so is Boris. However whilst the public stand square behind Boris you can bet on the Conservative Party eying where to stick the knife when it comes time for Bojo to carry the can. ... read more

Boris Johnson’s speech at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester was an amusing piece of political theatre. Ignoring the manifold issues facing the nation he said very little of substance. By now, in any sane universe, Boris would be political road kill. In modern Britain he’s still as popular as ever. That’s why the odds on the Conservatives haven’t started to slide at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365. It something some can’t quite understand. ... read more

Even when he wins you have to feel sorry for Keir Starmer. He should have one of the easiest jobs in the world; criticizing Boris Johnson. Unfortunately, he lacks access to the obvious routes of attack and is too busy battling with the grassroots of his own party. He seems to have won that fight for now, but convincing the voters to back his party is far more difficult. That’s why online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 still offer such horrible odds on the Labour Party winning. ... read more

You can always bet on the Conservatives to do something irrevocably stupid eventually. The Poll Tax springs to mind as an example. This time round it appears they’ve decided to simply drop any and all pretense at equality. Anyone in the UK gambling laws apply equally to the rich ruling classes and the rest of us are sadly delusional. Oxbridge exemptions from Free Speech laws are just evidence of this elitism. But how soon can we expect to see their odds at Bet365 start to slip? ... read more

Keir Starmer looked such a safe pair of hands after Jeremy Corbyn. The Labour Party needed a different sort of leader after the radical grass-rooter and perhaps over compensated. Online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 are now offering odds on Keir Starmer facing the next election as party leader of around 8/15. He won’t find that particularly reassuring. Especially not now he has to weather the critics within the party who disagree with his handling of Jeremy. ... read more

You can almost hear them sharpening the knives. As they cheer and clap in Parliament behind him, you feel distinctly uneasy. Tories raising taxes to their highest sustained level ever? What is this? The Twilight Zone? Certainly, you have to assume so at this point because the odds on the Conservatives at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 haven’t shifted an iota. There’s only one realistic explanation, so maybe now’s the time to bet on Boris Johnson carrying the can. ... read more