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You can always bet on the Ashes to entertain. Sure, you can’t always bet on Test cricket to glue you to your seat, but the soap opera surrounding it will. Normally, you’d not bet on Australia to win the Ashes after losing their captain to scandal. They’d be all at sea. But this time round? Not so much. As the odds on the Ashes at online betting sites in Australia make clear, they’re still going to win. Mostly, it has to be said, because England are bringing their own, bigger, baggage. ... read more

We’ve seen this before. England arrive to fight for the Ashes with about as much chance of winning as getting collectively struck by lightning. Unfortunately, England’s test side appear hanging by a single thread at present. Alas, you simply can’t win tournaments at this level with a team firing on just one cylinder. Thus, Australia really are the only sensible bet on the Ashes. Hence the odds on England at online sportsbook sites in Australia like Bet365 are so long. ... read more

The age old grudge match will go ahead. Once again England and Australia will face off through five Tests for possession of The Ashes. Whilst the tour looked in doubt for a while, authorities came to an agreement and it’s all systems go. Not that online sportsbook sites in Australia like Bet365 give the tourists much chance. Indeed if you are going to bet on the Ashes it seems like there’s only one real choice. England might really be going, but they’re really going to lose. ... read more

What if they held an Ashes and no one came? Well apparently Australia and the ECB have slightly different views on the matter. The Aussie hosts claim the age-old contest will go ahead regardless of who arrives, they just need the right accents. The ECB, on the other hand, have sent the odds on the Ashes at online sportsbook sites in Australia like Bet365 into a tizzy. They just might cancel it if they can’t send a good enough team. So can the ECB persuade players to play? ... read more

The Sydney Sixers have already beaten the Perth Scorchers in the playoffs of the Big Bash League. So, typically, you would think they might just get the best of the BBL Final odds, right? Somewhat surprisingly not. The Aussie T20 tournament has always had a propensity to surprise and the bookies are taking no chances. Currently, you couldn’t fit a hair between the sides at online betting sites in Australia like Bet365. Just don’t bet on the Sydney Sixers to care much.  ... read more

The odds on the T20 Big Bash are far easier to digest now the regular season is over. Online sportsbook sites in Australia seem to think the Sydney Sixers or the Perth Scorchers will take the trophy. However, given the regular season ended with some surprises there’s no reason to think that won’t continue. The Eliminator pits the Heat against the Strikers. Meanwhile the Qualifier deciding who will face the Sydney Thunder and who advances straight to the final. ... read more

Many consider that Touring Car racing has had its day. They often cite falling crowd numbers to back up this assertion. This ignores that technology has allowed a widening of the audience at home far beyond mere TV coverage. People worldwide can now watch along and bet on the 2021 Supercars Championship at Bet365. They may not be subject to Australian gambling laws but they enjoy the racing every bit as much as Aussies. Probably because the racing is so good. ... read more

With the T20 World Cup figuratively just around the corner everyone wants to impress the selectors. No one wishes to squander an opportunity to catch their eye. So, it’s not surprising that the 2021 T20 Big Bash odds are garnering so much interest. There are numerous Aussie players out to snag a squad slot. Naturally, their ambition produces some fabulous cricket. Indeed the Big Bash tournament is a superb bet on sports in Australia at Bet365 right now. Cricket at it’s best. ... read more

Australia have issues. India have faced racist abuse from fans, Steve Smith messing around with the batmen’s guard and Tim Paine being one. Despite all this the tourists have forced the hosts into a decider in Brisbane. After India’s performance in Sydney, however, you’d not put it past them to win it. Even the online sportsbook sites in Australia give them a “fair go” in the odds. So then, perhaps it’s time to bet on India to win the 4th Test at Bet365. They want this win bad. ... read more

We’re going to have a harsh winter. Not just because of the cold. We also have Brexit to deal with. Somehow, a bet on a white Christmas won’t distract from this looming disaster. Even putting a bet on Mariah Carey to save us all from Ladbaby won’t cut it. Fortunately, our friends down under are wearing their T20 togs, so we can bet on the Big Bash League. When it’s grey and chilly outside this a great bet on sports in Australia at Bet365 to take your mind off it all. ... read more