bet on sports in New Zealand

Listening to the experts is a bit of a theme these days. Everyone says they are. Politicians especially. However to look at the odds on the New Zealand 2020 referendum on cannabis legalization, perhaps not. Health experts have come out as pro-legalization. So, you’d expect this to be a shoo-in, right? Unfortunately, online betting sites in New Zealand like Bet365 still think the no vote will win out. So are they right or are recent polls a more accurate assessment? ... read more

Sure, a bet on sports in New Zealand is more common. Kiwis are far more likely to have bet on Rugby or bet on Cricket than bet on politics. This isn’t only because Jacinda Ardern simply couldn’t lose this election if she tried. It’s more that recent events have dominated the frontlines of political debate. However, there is a back story to all this, and people are starting to figure it out. That’s why we take a look at a bet on the Green Party in New Zealand this coming election. ... read more

Jacinda Ardern still leads the New Zealand election odds comfortably. The bookies have priced the Labour Party as a 1/14 shoo-in. The delay to the actual election seems immaterial. However as the public health crisis quite rightly takes priority, the Kiwis now have other issues. Those who like a bet on sports in New Zealand on Bet365 probably have nothing to worry about. Those who gamble on the stock market, however, have problems. Problems that could get far, far worse.  ... read more

There’s an old adage about never changing horses in midstream. The National Party in New Zealand has changed leadership barely months before the country goes to the polls. This has only worked for a party once before in the last century, and that was three years ago. Can the new leadership revive their political capital? The odds on the NZ National Party at online betting sites in New Zealand like Bet365 have them languishing in third place. Can Collins and Brownlee really change that? ... read more

When the Kiwis go to the polls this September they’ll probably re-elect the massively popular Jacinda Ardern. However, whilst they’re choosing a new government they’ll also be asked to vote on two more very important questions. Now online sportsbooks sites in New Zealand like Bet365 are obviously not offering odds on the legalization of death. But if you want some 2020 New Zealand cannabis referendum odds, well, that’s a totally different packet of rolling papers.  ... read more

Need a bet on sports in New Zealand? Why not back the home team to win a Test series? Certainly, after their massive defeat to Kane Williamson and the lads, a bet on India to win the 2nd Test is possibly unwise. The number one ranked team in the world apparently not firing on all cylinders. However, don’t rush off and bet on New Zealand to win in Christchurch. This is prime bounce-back territory and you just know Virat Kohli is going to be out for redress. If not revenge. ... read more

They’ve not, if they’re honest, played as well as they could have. New Zealand have slipped to a 2-0 deficit against visitors India. Indeed the T20 odds on New Zealand against India are now all but embarrassing. They could come back and win the next three matches, of course. It’s just online sportsbook sites in New Zealand like Unibet don’t believe it. Nor should you. India have come, seen and, thus far, conquered and they’ll very probably continue to do so. So what happened? ... read more

The T20 World Cup later in the year magnifies every short-form match this year. Teams are willing to experiment just in case. Some, however, don’t need to. Bet on India to win the T20 series in New Zealand and you’re looking at slim returns. Bet on New Zealand and things are slightly different. Online betting sites in New Zealand like Unibet will give you 11/8 on them to win the first match. A match they’re only a Kane Williamson experiment away from winning. ... read more