bet on sports in South Africa

With the Indian Premier League still fresh in the minds of some of England’s limited-overs players, Eoin Morgan’s side tour South Africa. Typically, this would be a great time to bet on South Africa. Home field advantage counts for a lot in cricket. However perhaps not this year. Those taking advantage of South African gambling laws to check out the odds on England at Bet365 will find they quite accurately reflect the team’s chances. England are looking hard to beat. ... read more

As you might imagine, there have been cultures of gambling in Africa dating back to the very earliest of civilizations. The ancient Egyptians were fond of games and gambling, the sports of Western Africa lent themselves to a wager or two, and South Africa had the British Empire. These diverse origins are now beginning to coalesce into a more modern homogeneity as online betting sites in South Africa and beyond like Bet365 provide a continent-wide uniformity of regulation.   ... read more

The odds on England in South Africa have been a rollercoaster ride. After their initial loss many of the online sportsbook sites in South Africa like Unibet, wrote them off. However, England have confounded expectations several times recently and did so again. Having leveled the series with another skin-of-the-teeth win, England leave the bookies all at sea. This has become a series too close to call. This means there’s plenty of opportunities for the canny South African gambler. ... read more