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Dominic Cummings is out for revenge. He made numerous serious allegations at his committee appearance. People then challenged him to produce evidence of his claims. So, he did. Boris Johnson is unlikely to find them pleasant reading. Matt Hancock, the health secretary, even less so. They make his political career look over. So, why then do online sportsbook sites in the UK, like Bet365, have him as a 50/1 bet on the next UK PM race? Because it’s funny, that’s why. ... read more

After their humiliation at the hands of New Zealand, the odds on England recovering to beat India or, later on, Australia in the Ashes, look ridiculously remote. Their mentality was all wrong, their technique dire and their strategy insane. So that’s why online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 now give them such long prices to win the Ashes. From the selectors on down England got it all completely wrong and no one is quite sure if they’ll be able to correct the errors in time. ... read more

The most common bet on UK politics these days is how soon Boris Johnson will lose his job. Online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 offer a range of prices on that depending which year you pick. However, that’s just froth on the top of the political wave, and deep in the bowels of Britain the real battle continues. Twice before the UK has tried to redraw its political districts, and twice is has abandoned the plans in chaos. So why do they think it’ll be different this time? ... read more

You can always bet on England sabotaging their own chances whenever possible. They just can’t help it. From the crowd booing a gesture of solidarity against racism to cricketers posting racist tweets, just when English sport needs to focus, it ambushes itself. Just what effect this will have on their performance is questionable, how it’ll change their odds at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365, unknown. But there’s no avoiding the conversation now, well, unless you’re Boris Johnson. ... read more

The exit of High Definition to go and run the Curragh in the Irish Derby leaves Bolshoi Ballet almost unchallenged. This mirrors similar situations in both the Belmont Stakes and then the Ascot Gold Cup. They both have heavy favorites too. Of course, that’s never the whole story. Just because the online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 say it’s a foregone conclusion, doesn’t mean it is. Indeed, you may wish to resist that all but irresistible bet on Bolshoi Ballet. ... read more

Anyone in the UK gambling laws of poetic justice would see Boris Johnson hung by his old ally Dominic Cummings was going to be sorely disappointed. The evidence was long, tedious and not especially revealing. But, Boris, just to be on the safe side, took the added precaution of getting married to distract everyone. It worked. Johnson survives another round of scandals, but with a defeat at the hands of his own party in the works, how long should you bet on UK politics keeping him in power? ... read more

You can always bet on the T20 World Cup to cast a long shadow. Teams view the contest with a certain hunger. Selectors do too. So, whilst the IPL has found a window in the busy schedule this autumn, it still faces some issues. Overseas players with national side obligations are unlikely to play in the UAE. Naturally, the organizers are talking down the issue this creates for some teams, but it’ll certainly shift the IPL odds on offer at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365. ... read more

Labour have real issues. They face a hostile right-wing press, a post-Brexit political landscape and a government with no shame. Scandal after scandal just seem to wash off Boris Johnson and his Conservative cabal. Labour should be walking all over these corrupt inept bumblers, but they’re not. The by-election odds in from Batley And Spen prove that. Online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 give the Tories a shorter price now, which may explain Labour’s choices. ... read more

Max Verstappen won the Monaco Grand Prix with very little issue. He now leads the 2021 F1 driver’s championship from Mercedes rival Lewis Hamilton. That’s good news for the odds on Red Bull at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365, but will they last? Mercedes are still favorites. Sure, the Red Bull will enjoy Baku, but this isn’t a season of street circuits. As the year progresses, won’t Mercedes just overhaul any lead Max and Red Bull can gouge out now? ... read more

MGM has one of the most recognizable logos on the planet. Billions have seen Leo The Lion roar. Amazon, who just bought MGM for a scooch under eight and a half billion dollars, probably won’t change it. Obviously, they’re just after the rights to all those movie titles to stream. Which means you can now bet on the next James Bond, whomever that is, to have Jeff Bezos as a boss. Anyone in the UK gambling laws of causality may collapse ending the universe, could be right. ... read more