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Those who took advantage of UK gambling laws to pick up the long odds being offered on the West Indies before the 1st Test will be laughing now. At 17/1 they were a gorgeous little wager that will have paid off handsomely. Now the question is; Can they do it again? Should you bet on the Windies to win the 2nd Test at Bet365? We take a look at the odds and just where England went wrong in Southampton to see if the tourists are a viable bet or a flash in the pan. ... read more

In the aftermath of their defeat in Southampton England face an uphill struggle to save the series. The West Indies are a far better side than Ben Stokes seemed to believe. Likewise, the bookies odds on the West Indies last time round were a bit parsimonious. This time the 2nd Test odds on England are more realistic. Even if their chances aren’t. Online sportsbook sites in the UK give the hosts 2/5 and the tourists 7/2 right now. Question is; Has this series already slipped out of grasp? ... read more

Leading your national side, regardless of sport, brings with it a lot of pressure. No one is feeling that more at present than the West Indies cricket captain. With a Test looming his attempts to lead by example haven’t quite gone to plan. Indeed, you can now bet on Jason Holder not just having something to prove to his team, but also to himself. The odds might be against them at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365, but let’s remember the Windies have surprised England before. ... read more

With Joe Root away you can bet on Ben Stokes being in the spotlight as his replacement. From the praise heaped upon him you’d think he could do no wrong. Which probably means, as anyone who regularly has a bet on sports in the UK, at sites like bet365, will tell you, he just might. A bet on England at Cricket is, or course, always a risky proposition. With as much propensity to fail as succeed and staring an easy victory in the face, alas a familiar narrative starts to form. ... read more

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now living in an episode of the Twilight Zone. Given all he’d ever desired, he now finds himself choking on it. But just because things haven’t worked out as he might have wished, doesn’t mean he’s going anywhere. Having reached the top of the greasy pole you can bet on Boris Johnson to cling on for as long as possible. If Keir Starmer and Labour don’t quite believe he can, online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 certainly seem to. ... read more

There’s every possibility they’ll be lacking fans at the final. However, when choosing how to bet on the FA Cup final it’ll be the teams that matter. There are four massive features of the footballing landscape still in the pot, but which will be victorious? Online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 will offer you all the odds, but how do you spot a winner? Especially from amongst such proficient teams? Just which of these big names is going to take home something for their trophy cabinet? ... read more

They may be doing everything by the book in light of current circumstances but this might not stop the Windies. They won quite convincingly the last time these two sides met in a three Test series. So why is it online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 have them so far adrift? Could it be they’re really so much worse off due to their three major absentees? Are England going to be that much better? In 2020 the West Indies 1st Test betting odds seem now to beg for a speculative punt. ... read more

So you’d like to know how to bet on Cricket but don’t know a thing about the game. Don’t panic. We’re here to help. Those who are currently a little confused won’t be after reading this handy guide to betting on Test cricket. The complexities and depth of this sport are legendary, so it’s easy to become disorientated. That’s why before you hit up Bet365, one of the best online sportsbook sites in the UK, we should look at the basics and perhaps then delve a little deeper. ... read more

Sports in the United Kingdom are not only about football, cricket, and horse racing, though all of them are very popular in this country. There are also some unusual and even weirdly popular sports in the UK locals love to watch or participate in. What are they? ... read more

At the time, the gambling industry went into meltdown at the very idea. Reducing the maximum stake on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in the UK would be, they claimed, the end of them. This has very much proven not to be the case. Government-regulators are now assessing the impact of the change on FOBT gambling in the UK. So, we take a look at what that will do for the industry’s credibility. Are online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365 now at an advantage? Has venue-based gambling in the UK cried wolf once too often? ... read more