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Do you like cricket but don’t have so much patience to wait five days for match results? Don’t worry, Marsh One Day Cup is exactly for you with more passion, more excitement, and with no need for much waiting. This year cricket matches for the One Day Cup have been scheduled already in March and April. Don’t miss betting chances on the Marsh One Day Cup betting odds. ... read more

The 2020/2021 Russian Bandy Super League is in its full flow. To bet on the top-tier competition, check the ultimate betting preview with all odds that are currently available. Also, you will find the schedule of the most interesting matches coming soon. ... read more

The main Men’s Squash Championship is in its full flow. Check the latest Qatar Classic 2020 predictions to see who has the best chances to win the competition this year. There are a few days left until the final, so hurry up to support your favorite! ... read more

Sports betting is a favorite pastime for many gamblers, therefore, they’re in a constant search for best sports for betting to increase their winning chances.  ... read more

If you love smart betting, then we can tell you several reasons to bet on sports. Sports betting is not among casino games with a fixed house edge. It’s a betting of a skill and depending on luck here is not the best option. There is no guarantee that you will win every time, but if you have experience, you have greater chances to win. ... read more

In 2020, Conor McGregor announced that he was retiring from professional sport. Like other former athletes, the MMA fighter can continue to be heard in other fields like politics, coaching, or business. Check the newest Conor McGregor special bets at 1xBET to see what he can do apart from fighting. ... read more

Like any other activity, betting on sports requires particular knowledge. Lack of it may result in both new and avid punters facing the same typical sports betting mistakes. We are going to reveal the most common reasons why punters lose more than win and what they should pay attention to at sportsbook sites. ... read more

Everything about bet exchange explained – learn what it is and how to use it at different sportsbook sites. Try to bet on sports or other events using a new knowledge as swapping odds allows you to expand your wagering options and possible income. ... read more

Do you want to start betting on football matches or other sports events? The first thing you have to do is learn some glossary to help you understand what is what at a sportsbook. Here are basic sports betting terms for beginners necessary for making a successful wager. ... read more