Bet on T20

England didn’t have a particularly good summer. They first lost their way against India, then had the chance to save at least a little dignity snatched away from them. Indeed a bet on Test cricket backing England now seems folly. However, if you bet on sports in the UK at Bet365 you’ll know T20 cricket is a different matter. Eoin Morgan has had far more luck than Joe Root, for a start. Sure, they’re not the best bet on the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, but they may still win. ... read more

The exigencies of the current circumstance rightfully brought play in the IPL to a halt. Anyone who likes to bet on sports in India regularly expected it sooner or later. However, if they wish to finish the tournament this year, the tournament is going to need to find both time and space to do so. Right now, with the tour schedule as it is, and the ongoing situation, that’s a big ask. Indeed Bet365 and the like know only too well the odds on the 2021 IPL continuing at all are quite long. ... read more

They say a week is a long time in politics. In the fast-paced Indian Premier League it’s even longer. It must be. Online sportsbook sites in India like Bet365 already seem to have sorted the wheat from the chaff. We’re only four rounds in but already the top teams are soaring well above the rest in the 2021 IPL odds. This means some teams are clearly under-performing whilst others are completely confounding their critics. But which of them should you back to win it in the end? ... read more

If you like a little bet on cricket, especially a bet on T20 cricket, there’s nothing like the Indian Premier League. It brings together the very best in domestic Indian talent with a whole host of international stars. This year, what with one thing and another, it’s being held in the UAE. That means there’s a lack of fans but this hasn’t diminished the cricket talents on display. So let’s take a look at the odds on the 2020 IPL and who you should back at online betting sites in the UAE. ... read more

England got the measure of Pakistan quite quickly. However, they now face a different kettle of fish in the shape of the Australians. The parity is palpable so these will be challenging times for an England side still getting its act together. You can bet on Eoin Morgan ringing the changes, seeking the best possible side. One thing is for sure, the odds on England and Australia, at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365, are tight. These sides are evenly matched and the games will be close.  ... read more

Everyone is desperate to use any available opportunity to show off their skills ahead of the World Cup. That goes as much for the Australians as everyone else. So, as Aaron Finch leads off both a T20 and ODI series they’re all out to make a good impression. That’s why the T20 odds on Australia in England at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 are just so tight. Both sides know they have a fair chance in the World Cup, this will be their chance to work out any kinks. ... read more

Those who regularly bet on sports in the UK will already be aware of England’s ability to blow it. In the third ODI, in Johannesburg, they came awfully close. They may well be World Champions, but they didn’t look it. Just when England could do with being better with the white ball than red, they simply aren’t. So then, this is why the T20 betting odds on England in South Africa aren’t the simple choice you’d expect. The hosts are, after all, really holding their own. ... read more

With the World Cup on the horizon, you can bet on T20 tournaments this year to take on added significance. The selectors are watching. That means players joining the Melbourne Renegades, last year’s champions, will be disappointed. Bookies like Unibet, one of the best online sportsbook sites in Australia, give them 300/1 to win this year. This stands in marked contrast to the 2020 Big Bash League odds on the Melbourne Stars. Their crosstown rivals now favorites. ... read more