Bet on the Chinese Grand Prix

It’s not long now till Australia and the first race of the new Grand Prix season. However, the sport has already hit the headlines as the current situation forces the authorities to cancel the race in Shanghai. Online betting sites in China will take a hit over that, and it might not be the last race to get the chop. So, anyone planning to bet on F1 in 2020 will have to be a tad cautious when picking individual race winners. But that still leaves plenty of odds on F1 worth picking up. ... read more

They’ve new cars, there are new tracks, and the rivalries are even more entrenched. Yes, the Formula One circus is back albeit it in a weird mood. Trapped between now and the changes in 2021 F1 faces an interesting season. Naturally, the 2020 F1 odds on Hamilton are still the shortest. Bookies like Bet365, the best of the online betting sites in the UK, know Mercedes will be hard to beat. However, in a season already beset by issues without a wheel spun, who knows. ... read more