Bet on the Democrats

You’d think, after all that has gone on, the odds on Donald Trump getting re-elected would appear quite distant. Instead, he’s the favorite at most online betting sites in the US. Even Bovada give him around 3/1 in their 2024 election odds. That’s astonishing. Or at least we’d think it was if the Democrats weren’t their own worst enemy right now. They are looking down the barrel of a big defeat in the midterms and still seem incapable of doing much, just talking big. ... read more

Donald Trump, arguably the most divisive president the nation has ever had, is favorite in 2024. Right now online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada will give you just 3/1 on Donald retaking the White House. That evidently alarms some on the left of the political spectrum and their cheerleaders in the media. They’ve looked at the latest US politics odds and begun a subtle campaign against the almost inevitable….by making comparisons with dystopian cannibalism. ... read more

You can bet on the US Midterms making the last election look like a picnic. So we expect it to get dirty fast. Just how far can you bet on politics in the US to slide into the abyss? Well, you could always bet on US politics to involve a certain amount of mercenary activity. But, this time? With Bovada and other bookies offering the shortest odds on Donald Trump in 2024? The Democrats are facing an apocalypse at the polls and might have to make a very deep impact. ... read more

Did you bet on politics in the US calming down after Donald Trump left office? Did you? Aww. Shame then, that you can still feel his presence bending reality across the US political landscape. Indeed, he’d claim you can only bet on the Republicans to win the midterms at Bovada in such confidence because of him. Bombast aside, online bookies in the US are offering far better odds on the Republicans than on the Democrats. Which is odd given the Supreme Court’s decision. ... read more

With the election fresh in their minds, and even still contested in some states, Democrats are running out of time. They have little time left before the 2022 campaign starts to dominate the political landscape. Unfortunately Joe Biden and Co haven’t really made the progress they touted. That’s why those who regularly bet on politics in the US already see a democrat collapse at the polls. So are the Republicans right to bet on the US Midterm Elections returning them the reins? ... read more

They’re not telling us something. With all that’s going on you’d think the odds on Donald Trump returning to the White House would be astronomical. However online betting sites in the US like Bovada are actually dropping their prices on the former President. So does he really stand a chance at getting re-elected? Or is this just the online bookies in the US dangling hope before the massed ranks of misguided Trump supporters? Realistic hope or emotional echo? We take a look. ... read more

Americans are always busy at this time of year, what with their Hallogivingmas holiday. However, this year, as they shop till they drop, they also have the US midterm election odds to pour over. Unfortunately, online betting sites in the US like Bovada do not offer the Democrats much hope. They seem to think the Republicans will take control back in both house and senate. Which means Joe Biden has very little to be thankful for, as his big goals get the partisan elbow. ... read more

Obstructionism is catching. You can bet on Joe Biden having expected it from the Republicans. The Republicans oppose anything Democrats say or suggest regardless of its merit. However, it isn’t the Republicans getting in the way of Joe’s agenda now. It’s Democrats. So whilst the odds on Joe Biden at online betting sites in the US like Bovada remain stable, that might not last. Joe has pinned his future on this bill, and the Democrats theirs on Biden, but two senators don’t care. ... read more

You can always bet on politics in the US to entertain. Especially in the post-Trump era. The GOP find themselves on the back foot but the Democrats are blunting their own attack. Just when they need to present a united front, they’re squabbling amongst themselves. Fortunately, voters may not care about infrastructure as much as they do avoiding living in Texas. Indeed Democrats can now probably rely on Texas to make them a safe bet on the US midterm elections in 2022. ... read more