Bet on the Kentucky Derby

A lot of people bet on Medina Spirit to continue its winning ways after it won the Kentucky Derby. They think it could get the Triple Crown. It may. Indeed until recently it was a great bet on the 2021 Preakness Stakes. However in recent days, online betting sites in the US like Bovada have seen an uptick of people backing Concert Tour instead. Why? Well Medina Spirit is said to have failed a race day drug test at the Kentucky Derby. So, Medina Spirit may not run at all. ... read more

You can always bet on the Kentucky Derby grabbing the limelight. It’s a great race with a superb pedigree. However whilst most peruse the 2021 Kentucky Derby odds looking for a winner some are just looking for attention. Some of them, perhaps, with more cause than others. Fortunately, however, race fans will find even protests and politics can’t overshadow this traditional bet on sports in the US. But, is Essential Quality as safe a bet as using sport to gain extra publicity? ... read more

A bet on Necker Island to win the Kentucky Derby may appear the triumph of optimism over sense. Especially, perhaps, to those who regularly bet on sports in the US. It’s a 100/1 shot. That means the bookies like Bovada feel it has very little chance of winning. It probably doesn’t. Unfortunately, in this climate of crisis, however, it may not even get the chance to run. Rather unusually, there are pressures upon it, via its owner, to withdraw from the race. 2020 strikes again.     ... read more