Bet on the Royal Challengers Bangalore

Those who like to bet on sports in India will have already noticed the IPL has got back underway. They will likewise have registered that some of the assumptions we leaned on before the break no longer apply. Where once you might have bet on the Mumbai Indians to give a good showing, now it’s the odds on the Chennai Super Kings that beckon. Indeed, if you’ve not yet bet on the 2021 IPL MS Dhoni’s chaps are probably worth a look at Bet365. They’re clear favorites now. ... read more

There was a time you’d have bet on the 2020 Indian Premier League being a damp squib. It could so easily not have gone ahead at all. What has transpired in this transplanted tournament, however, couldn’t be further from that ignominy. This has been a stunning display of marvelous cricket and superb drama. Online sportsbook sites in India like Bet365 may now give a bet on the Mumbai Indians to win the 2020 IPL just 3/1, but that might just be wishful thinking this year.  ... read more

The bookies like Bet365 give 7/1 apiece to the Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore right now. However, these are not overly weak sides. They’ve plenty of room to squeeze out a side having a bad day. So whilst they might not appear the best bet on the 2020 IPL right now they’re far from also-rans. More mid-field runners. So get a couple of victories under their belt and really anything is possible. Really anything. If it does, you’ll see their price at online betting sites in India shift significantly.  ... read more