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Once upon a time, a bet on US politics was a dour affair, but this election has turned that on its head. The odds on Donald Trump’s re-election shift on an almost hourly basis. At present, online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada, give him little chance. However, that could so easily change. The swing state polls might indicate Joe Biden has this in the bag, but nothing is for certain in 2020. This one will go all the way to the wire, and then possibly to the Supreme Court. ... read more

Where once a bet on US politics was a wager on the rather woefully obvious, these days little is as unpredictable. It is far more so than a bet on sports in the US. This is not because the mercurial political support of the US electorate is hard to assess, but because it may not matter. The President has once again refused to confirm he will abide by the results in November. He even threatens violence if he loses. This makes a bet on Donald Trump to win the election at Bovada a sensible option. Reality may just not matter. ... read more

On the face of it the odds on the 2020 US Presidential election are as one might expect. Joe Biden is pulling into the lead, Donald Trump having issues keeping up. Given all that’s going on, that’s not overly surprising. Nor is the reaction of both parties. Those who like to bet on US politics at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada need to keep up with a myriad of battles. Each could tip the scales. Whether you bet on Democrats or back the Republicans this is one wild election. ... read more

Just when you’d bet on US politics having reaching a nadir, it takes aim at another one. US electoral laws mean Kanye West may, or may not, be on the ballot in your area. That’s why he’s currently only 100/1 to become President at online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada. However, the practicalities aside, the more difficult bit will be justifying voting for him in the first place. So, if you want to know how to vote for Kanye West, here’s the justifications you’ll need to do so.  ... read more

The Democrat VP nominee odds are still on the move. Right now Kamala Harris is firm favorite but you can’t bet on US politics being predictable. Online sportsbook sites in the US, like Bovada, may give you Evens on her getting the gig, but should you take them? With a strong challenge from the likes of Elizabeth Warren and Susan Rice this is no easy decision. So just which of the current crop will Joe Biden plump for? And will the vetting process see Harris fall at the final hurdle? ... read more

Riding on the back of his eminent populism a year ago you’d have bet on Donald Trump to walk into a second term. Now it’s no longer as certain. The ongoing situation and a strong Democratic challenge inflicts an uphill struggle on the President. Online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada are already giving Joe Biden better prices. Then, just when you thought you’d not be able to bet on US politics getting any more bizarre, celebrity lunatic Kanye West insists he’s running too.   ... read more

Those who bet on politics in the US as often as bet on sports in the US will know this is no ordinary election. This will not be a victory of a winner, but of whichever of them doesn’t lose. Both are apt to gaffe, so more than ever this will be a contest to see who can make least mistakes. Indeed perhaps now is the moment to help out the two candidates with some handy hints at what to avoid. These will be key for anyone seeking to discover how to win a US election in 2020. ... read more

Each time the odds on Donald Trump’s reelection seem to settle down a little, another crisis emerges. Few US administrations have faced such a plethora of problems all at once. The latest is the discovery the Russians have been offering a bounty on US soldiers in Afghanistan. Combined with the riots, the public health situation and his ongoing legal woes, is this the last nail in the coffin for the President? Well online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada certainly seem to think so.   ... read more

You can pretty much bet on the US Presidential election in 2020 to be quite the political feast. There will be something for everyone as Joe Biden and Donald Trump slug it out. However perhaps just as important will be who comes out controlling the Senate. Typically, you’d be able to safely bet on the Republicans to win the Senate in 2020. But now? Those hitting up Bovada, one of the best online sportsbook sites in the US today will discover the odds just don’t tally. ... read more

The plague and protests were always going to make this election special. Both sides are floundering for safe ground in a nation intent on clasping the political third rails of race relations and public health care with both hands. For careerists in both parties these are uncertain times. That doesn’t mean you can’t bet on the Democrats to win the House in 2020. They very probably will, but there still room for doubt before you hit up Bovada one of the best online sportsbook sites in the US. ... read more