bet on wrestling

A new professional wrestling pay-per-view and WWE Network event is coming soon. The event is scheduled for January 31. Bet on the Royal Rumble winner 2021 after checking the latest odds on male and female competitors. ... read more

The AEW World Championship started its history only in 2019. However, everyone is sure that soon it is going to be one of the main events in professional wrestling. During the first AEW’s All Out the wrestling legend, Chris Jericho defeated “Hangman” Adam Page. Therefore, he became the company’s first-ever world champion. 2020 AEW World Championship betting predictions look at the potential candidates to win the title after Jericho.  ... read more

Why Bet on Wrestling?

Why bet on wrestling? You don’t have to listen to online sports book news to know that WWE wrestling is a scripted sport. That’s right, the outcome has already been decided before the match begins. It’s just a massive show with all that American pizazz we have come to expect from such ventures. And it’s all run by one guy, Vince McMahon. Kudos. ... read more