The nation is divided, the cabinet is shaky, the Prime Minister is embattled and there’s even been calls for a government of national unity (a sure sign a country is facing impending chaos and doom) but with just 250 days or so to go before Britain leaves the European Union the sign of a deal being reached with Brussels looks slim and the odds on a 2nd referendum have shortened at sites like Bet365, one of the best online betting sites in the UK, considerably, so should you make a Brexit bet too? ... read more

Brexit might have sent Britain into the sort of nose dive of despair that even manically depressed lemmings would think an over-reaction but that hasn’t deterred the anti-EU parties and factions across the continent who’d like to see their own nations part ways with the superstate, but just which countries have the highest odds on leaving the EU and should you really echew that traditional bet on sports in Europe to wager on them leaving at sites like Unibet online? We take a look. ... read more

The bizarre British bet on Brexit has led to the inevitable crisis as Remainers and Brexiteers battle it out over the details of this hugely complex procedure that was never destined to be pleasant. Nigel Farage might have made a mint, David Cameron might be enjoying Wimbledon, and England might be doing well in the World Cup, but the behind-the-scenes drama has now exploded over the front page and created some very interesting wagers at sites like Bet365 on just who’ll survive this implosion. ... read more