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What do you think, is 10 million dollars a lot of money? How about earning it daily and from nothing else but sports betting? You would probably think it impossible, but there is a man who did it! Alan Woods became the world’s best horse racing bettor with the help of a computer program and acquired a fortune of 670 million dollars in 25 years. In this article, we will discover his genius method and how Alan Woods and horse racing met!  ... read more

The 2022 LPGA Tour continues in New Jersey this week where the 2022 Cognizant Founders Cup is held between 12-15 May. Jin Young Ko is the defending champion and the biggest favorite as well. But she won’t have an easy job in the strong field which includes other top 10 players like Lydia Ko, Lexi Thompson, and Minjee Lee. They are all mentioned in the favorites by the LPGA Cognizant Founders Cup predictions.  ... read more

The Phil Mickelson gambling losses are insanely high, and the situation is getting worse because he lost two of his major sponsorships. Because he was voicing his bad opinion about the sponsors of the PGA, and if he keeps on doing things such as this, then his career might be at stake next time. Phil Mickelson is a legendary and great golf player, but he has to reconsider his choices if he wishes to stay in the spot he is right now. ... read more

Gambling today goes far beyond being just entertainment – there are many ways on how gambling improves your career. We all know that gambling is about taking risks. You train your mind and prepare yourself to these risks. That’s what helps you proceed in professional life. Discipline, attention to detail, multitasking, etc. are all the qualities you need to have to proceed in a career. And those are the skills you train while gambling. Then why not to mix business with pleasure?  ... read more