Perfecting your betting skills can help you better understand how to pick the right bets. This, in turn, will increase your chances to win. So, you need to do a couple of things to make more successful bets. ... read more

 In-play betting or live betting follow a very simple idea. It’s where you can place a bet once the event has started or be able to punt whilst the event is unfolding. Most bookmakers offer this option today. In many ways it’s more exciting than the traditional form of placing a wager before an event. This is because the excitement is ongoing, allowing you complete engagement throughout the whole event or competition. ... read more

Ski Jumping Fails

While ski jumping fails can look very serious, they are fortunately rare amongst professionals. However, we collected some of the most interesting cases. This is not a list for catastrophe tourists, the aim is to give a medal to one of the bravest men in sports history. So here is a list of ski jumping fails that we collected with the help of online sportsbook news sites in the US. ... read more

As Altered Carbon season 1 was a blast and season 2 is going to Netflix soon, I can’t wait for it to hit the screens. We’ll have a new star on the show. Anthony Mackie supposedly will be a sleeve of Takeshi. There are many fan predictions out and we also have a book to spoiler some things. Nobody likes spoilers but we are going to show you how can you make money with Altered Carbon Season 2 bets through online gambling sites in the US. ... read more