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Billboard Music Awards 2020 is coming soon. Check the latest betting predictions to see who is about to win one of the most prestigious prizes from the #1 music popularity chart in the US. Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and BTS are among nominees, so the show is expected to be unforgettable! ... read more

Featuring eight of the strongest chess players, including the world champion, the Clutch Chess International tournament provides very exciting matchups. With a 265-thousand-dollar prize, all players will bring in their best performances and preparations. Currently, four players remain to battle it out for a place in the final. Therefore, here are the Clutch Chess International betting predictions for the remaining players. ... read more

Imagine seeing Tyson in a boxing ring again! How amazing would that be? This dream could turn into reality as Iron Mike announced that he is planning to get back into the ring. A video that was posted online of Mike training in a gym has people going crazy and excited for his comeback. Although no official fight announcement has been made, Mike Tyson next match predictions are all over the internet! You should not miss the opportunity to bet on Mike Tyson again!  ... read more

As the UFC is organizing events every week, so many fights and stories unfold. Those unfolding stories produce even more storylines and anticipated events. Not only can you bet on fights that are going to happen, but you can also place bets on predictions. As the lightweight divisions has the biggest stars in the UFC now, most of the upcoming UFC betting predictions involve fighters in this weight class. ... read more

If you bet on Philadelphia Fusion, you pick the most experienced Overwatch esports team of the scene. Even more, if you pick them you choose the crew who has dominated all their matches in 2020 as well. Let’s take a closer look at the odds and statistics to see why the other teams don’t have a single chance to surmount the esports phenomenons of Philadelphia. ... read more

If you have decided to gamble online, you should approach the choice of online casino extremely carefully. Do not register on the first site in the expectation of instant enrichment. Indeed, it is worth approaching the choice of a gambling establishment with all responsibility. We will try to consider in as much detail as possible all aspects of how to choose an online casino. ... read more

Shotgun Golf

British researchers have discovered that Golf is the most boring sport in the world. If you are a golf fan (have a nice sleep) fear not! The idea of Shotgun Golf is not new, but maybe mankind is grown enough to adapt to this beautiful game. While you can make bets on the biggest golf events through online sportsbooks in the US, 1xBET Sportsbook, for example, has one of the greatest odds, but why would you do it? Instead, you should work on making Shotgun Golf a national sport. ... read more

Strange hotels are awaiting you all around the world. Are you the lucky guy and could stack up some money with online casinos in the UK? Here are my ideas where you should spend a part of your winnings. Leave the “normal” behind and live an extraordinary life.  There is a point when luxury becomes boring in itself, let’s pair it with oddities ... read more

The UK Gambling Commission has proposed limiting the use and even putting a ban on VIP casino accounts. According to them, loyalty programs in online casinos encourage players to make large deposits and make more bets. The Gambling Commission believes that the existence of special conditions for VIP-clients makes both ordinary and privileged players spend more money. Therefore, this factor leads to an increase in the number of people dependent on gambling. In this article, we have decided to look if the UK Gambling Commission has a real reason to ban VIP Casino accounts in the country.  ... read more

Unlucky and lucky numbers are everywhere. Whenever Friday the 13th comes around we can grab a machete and run around pretending to be Jason Voorhees, who drowned as a boy at Camp Crystal Lake. Many people today think that  the day itself is unlucky. The most common reason given is that the number is “incomplete”. Some say that the origins of this come from the Code of Hammurabi, which is one of the world’s oldest legal documents. It has an error in which, for unknown reasons, it omitted a 13th rule from its list. Other people say that the ancient Sumerians, believed the number 12 to be a “perfect” number. People naturally think of the apostles, the months of the year and the signs of the zodiac. For some, the sense of dread from that particular date is palpable. Let’s look around the world for some other numbers that carry the weight of superstition along with either bad or good luck. ... read more