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The 2022 NBA playoffs continue to be one the most entertaining postseason in recent history. There are no clear finalists or super teams. The first round of the playoffs is behind us now and it gave everyone plenty of excitement and sadness. There are teams plagued by injuries, healthy but inexperienced teams, and teams that thrive in the playoffs. In this article, we’ll talk about the four second-round matchups and the eight remaining teams. You’ll also find the predictions for the 2022 NBA Conference Semifinals for each series under the corresponding subheadings. ... read more

Emmy Best Actress Odds – Watch Out for Them!The 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards is officially coming up! There are barely two months left before the huge gala event kicks off, so it is high time to start thinking about the bets you are about to make on the event. If you are planning on placing some bets on the best actress odds at the Emmy Awards, here is our help, so you can do it right! ... read more

Lawler vs Diaz betting predictions and odds show that the MMA community has mixed feelings about it. People are divided into two groups with each believing that one fighter will win over the other. This shows how close of a fight this will be. Regardless of that, MMA fans will get to enjoy watching two legends scrapping again inside the UFC octagon. Lawler and Diaz have previously fought in 2004 with the latter winning via TKO in the second round. However, a lot has changed since that day as the two prepare for the rematch. Who do you think will win when those two legends collide? ... read more

In total, Brazil and Argentina met in the final three times. And the Brazilians celebrated the victory twice. Argentina has not beaten Brazil in the Copa America final round since 1937. In this article, we are going to check out Brazil vs Argentina betting preview and find out the best odds for the final match. ... read more

Meerschaert vs Muradov betting odds and predictions reveal the level difference between the two. Meerschaert is probably nearing the end of his UFC career, and this will be one of his last fights at the organization. On the other hand, Muradov is just starting at the UFC, and is motivated to show his skillset to the world. This is an interesting fight as both will certainly have different gameplans to defeat the other. Meerschaert is a submission expert and will try to take the fight to he ground, while Muradov will try to take advantage of his kickboxing background. How do you see this fight playing out? ... read more

You should not miss out on AS Roma special bets for the upcoming season. The newly published betting options will certainly spark your interest. In recent years, the capital team has been struggling to fight for a top position in the league. Therefore, there is speculation on whether it will make it to a European competition in 2022 or not. This is your chance to take advantage of the highly rewarding betting options bookies are providing. Where do you see Roma ending up by the end of next season? ... read more

Spartak Moscow UCL betting odds include predictions for all stages of the tournament. You can bet on where you think the team will reach from the 3rd qualifying round all the way to the final. After a disappointing 2 years, Spartak Moscow is back to the 2021/2022 Champions League. Therefore, they will be looking to put on decent performances to please the fans. However, this will not be easy since several tough games await them. Where do you think the team will reach in the UCL stages? ... read more