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With the new season starting in January, it’s time to bet on Big Brother Brazil 2021. The ongoing BBB season gathered together twenty participants aiming for the main prize. Let’s see who has the best chances to win R$1.5 million.  ... read more

Big Brother Finland is back and better, this time with 12 weeks of uninterrupted reality TV gold. Once again, viewers can expect to see a diverse group of housemates in the Big Brother Finland house. For instance, housemates such a babysitter and production engineer are among the contenders to bet on Big Brother 2020 Finland.  ... read more

Discovering how to bet in the 21st century is simple. Just learn from history.  Take the Bird’s Eye Steakhouse Grill advert. Who knew it would be so prescient. When that motley cast of builders sang; “We hope it’s chips, it’s chips.” I suspect they didn’t know just who would take their message to heart. Now, quite sometime later, the billionaires are buzzing with the concept of microchips in our minds. You could soon place your usual bet on sports in the UK at Bet365, without a computer in sight. ... read more

Those who usually bet on sports in the UK will need alternatives. Fortunately TV executives have been isolating groups of people for years. The likes of Big Brother, Survivor and Naked & Afraid are all unlikely to halt. Were any participants infected the cameras would just keep on rolling. So, since this might have to take the place of sports, here’s our seven tips for those who want to know how to bet on reality TV shows. ... read more