Black Jack

The prestigious world-renowned blue-water classic challenge is about to kick off from Sydney to Hobart. Top sailors in Australia will be vying for the Tattersall Cup. However, the 2020 Sydney Hobart odds indicate four teams Maserati, Stefan Hair, Black Jack, and InfoTrack will likely be sailing ahead of the rest. ... read more

If you’re looking for some exciting bets to end 2020 with, look no further than the Syndey to Hobart Yacht Race. Undoubtedly, the Sydney to Hobart race is among the toughest events in the world of sailing. Consequently, bettors and fans alike will be itching to get in on the action with top 2020 Sydney to Hobart odds.  ... read more

Blackjack attracts a huge number of players due to the perfect combination of skill and luck that are necessary for every victory. These features underlie the high popularity of blackjack in the casinos both land-based and online. Moreover, this game is often referred to in films and fiction, which made it a true cult icon. Many online casinos offer their users different versions of blackjack. Due to the great competition in the gambling market, each of them seeks to offer interesting bonus systems to gamblers. In this article, we will look at how to use bonuses in blackjack. ... read more

Nowadays, online casinos offer a wide variety of games. Some of them are very popular among players, others are less. However, it is difficult to say which criterion is decisive when choosing a way of gambling online. Players are often chasing adrenaline rush or want to develop logic and intuition. Of course, some just try to kill their free time by gambling in the casino. However, all of the players have one thing in common – they want to benefit! Therefore, we decided to list the best online games to make money on. ... read more

So what are the chances of dying playing Russian roulette? Like many forms of gambling, it’s a game of chance. But with this game, the loser takes the ultimate loss. So, first spread some plastic sheeting over the floor so it’ll be easier to clean up afterwards. Now let’s have a dive into the mechanics, math and lore surrounding this most excellent of games. ... read more