Orbital Space Force One

Air-to-Air refueling keeps Air Force One, Nightwatch aircraft and indeed USAF bombers, aloft for as long as necessary. An orbital Space Force One would require far more substantial support than a KC-135 or KC-767 tanker. An orbiting refueling platform a minimum requirement for mission duration extension. This, however, is likely to itself morph into more than mere gas station. An orbital Space Force One could well lead to the development of an orbital embassy. ... read more

The Betting Odds For Mars

So the race is on to see who gets to Mars first. There are three teams taking part. First is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin venture. Then there’s Elon Musk’s SpaceX program. And least but not last come in the home grown Nasa. Let’s have a look and see what odds the betting community are giving each player. ... read more